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Changes to Boston University admission requirements for 2013

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Hot off the press for the class of 2013 and beyond!  Boston University, to which many of our students have applied over the years, is changing its application requirements for students applying for admission as freshmen in the fall of 2013, BU will no longer require SAT Subject Tests! Until now, BU has required either the SAT with 2 SAT Subject Tests or just the ACT with Writing. The new requirement is simply that applicants submit either the SAT or ACT with Writing.

The one exception to the new requirement is for students applying to BU’s Accelerated Medical and Accelerated Dental Programs – they must still submit two SAT Subject Tests.

This year, Boston University received a record-breaking 44,000 applications. Combined with an anticipated smaller freshman class of 3,900 students, this will likely be the most competitive year ever for admission to BU.