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Should I take that free SAT/ACT class at school?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I wouldn't ask a person to run an 1800-acre vegetable and berry farm if her only experience was growing broccoli and pole beans in backyard raised beds. Nor would I want a general aviation pilot (read lots of single-engine Cessna experience only, in this case) to fly me in a Boeing 747. Certified electricians are great at what they do; plumbers, too. But they don't typically mix their crafts.

My point is that when it comes to test prep, experience "in the field" and "in the air" are worth quite a bit. Decades of accumulated knowledge about the SAT and ACT can provide insights into the latest versions of the tests. And strategies for actually taking the test – that is, information about how to approach each type of question, not just about the contents – make a big difference for students who want the best results they can produce.

There are surely teachers in public and private schools who can provide test-prep support, but for most, the depth of knowledge lacks comprehensiveness. Reviewing test questions in a book and responding to occasional questions from students who miss the correct answer is insufficient – especially if the class consists of 20 or 30 students.

That's why the old cliché about getting what you pay for applies as much to "free" test prep as it does to "free" advice. In our many years working with students – students who really have intention, who really want to do the best they can do – we have succeeded in opening college doors. We're on the leading edge because we practice what we preach; we live and breathe the tests on a daily basis. And our test-prep tutors regularly take an actual SAT and ACT at national testing centers – probably something that most high-school teachers don’t do.

And we can make you garden grow, too. Free class? OK. But don't expect a rich and varied crop. We can show you precisely how to harvest your school experience and produce the results you want.

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