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The Latest Scoop on Florida’s State University System (SUS) Schools – Part 2: FCGU, UWF, UNF

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Again, our thanks to our colleagues at International College Counselors for their admirable contributions to the information in this series of blogs. In Part 2 we bring you news about Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), the University of West Florida (UWF) , and the University of North Florida (UNF). All GPA, ACT score, SAT score, and admission rate information that appears below is based on a recent State University System Admission presentation, and my follow-up emails to and from some of the schools.

Florida Gulf Coast (FGCU) 

In order to increase graduation rates, FGCU has created the SOARin4 program, which rewards students who graduate in four years and obtain a job within six months of graduation, providing a rebate of freshman tuition. FGCU has also partnered with Raise.Me, a micro-scholarship funding source, in order to motivate students while they’re still in high school by rewarding them with up to $2,500/year for individual achievements in grades 9 to 12.

For students who are interested in pursuing forensic science as a future vocation, FGCU has added

Forensic Studies as a bachelor's degree major. It integrates crime scene analysis, laboratory analysis, behavioral analysis, and Constitutional Criminal Law, all of which prepare students for advanced scholarship or employment in the field.


Mid-50% GPA: 3.38-4.12 for summer admissions and 3.42-4.22 for fall admissions

Mid-50% ACT: 20-24 for summer admissions and 22-26 for fall admissions

Mid-50% Old SAT: 1400-1640 for summer admissions and 1470-1720 for fall admissions

Mid-50% New SAT: 1140 for fall admissions

Admissions rates:61% for summer admissions and 54% for fall admissions.

University of West Florida (UWF)

Because UWF values experiential learning, students are engaged in internships, practicums, study abroad programs, and hands-on experiences.


UWF uses “pooled rolling admission,” meaning that admission decisions are based on the pool of applications received during a particular cycle. Further, students receive admission decisions within 10 days after they apply. National Merit Finalists receive an automatic scholarship. UWF’s priority FAFSA deadline is December 15th. For football fans, UWF will have a Div. II football program this year.

Mid-50% GPA: 3.50 for summer admissions and 3.60 for fall admissions

Mid-50% ACT: 22 for summer admissions and 24 for fall admissions

Mid-50% Old SAT: 1504 for summer admissions and 1508 for fall admissions

Mid-50% New SAT: 1107 for fall admissions

Admissions rates: 38% for summer admissions and 51% for fall admissions.

University of North Florida (UNF)

UNF admissions places a greater emphasis on students' grades than on test scores. With only about 700 admitted freshman, it’s one of the smaller state universities and has a low student to faculty ratio of 18:1. UNF’s most well-known programs include transportation and logistics, international business, nutrition, music, nursing, and intercoastal biology. This year, the lineup of majors will be expanded to include community sports and tourism.

Mid-50% GPA: 3.00-3.60 for summer admissions and 3.60-4.40 for fall admissions

Mid-50% ACT: 20.5-23.75 for summer admissions and 24.5-29 for fall admissions

Mid-50% old SAT: 1490-1710 for summer admissions and 1650-1900 for fall admissions

Mid-50% New SAT: 1270 for fall admissions

Admissions rates: 69% for summer admissions and 37% for fall admissions.

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