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1-on-1 Tutoring Testimonials


We wanted to write to tell you how pleased we are with Score Academy. Alexis is doing so well with the structure and one-on-one teaching. She is learning so much and loving school without all the distractions. Last year was great, but a work in progress as Alexis transitioned in the middle of the year. This year is starting off even better and we are super happy about the changes you've implemented. The Engrade system is a bonus to the teacher's informative daily progress reports and after having Alexis' favorite teacher ever last year, we thought he couldn't be matched. Somehow you've managed to find four teachers that are engaging and work well with Alexis-all on their way to being favorites! We only wish we were closer so Alexis could partake in the amazing clubs and field trips offered this year, but we are excited she will be able to meet her fellow students during at least one get together. Making your one-on-one school available through Skyping has been the answer we were looking for to fulfill Alexis' academic needs now and in the future. Thanks for everything and all your support!

Talk to you soon-Jill and Alex

Hi Leann,

I just wanted to thank you for setting up Rene´s conferences with the teachers through Skype. It was perfect, no communication problems at all.

I also wanted to let you know how happy we are about Rene´s progress in school, how well he is doing and how much Score Academy has helped him. Not only the knowledge he has acquired (because it is really amazing how much he is able to learn with this system) but also because of his self esteem. He now knows he is very bright and can achieve much more than he (or we) thought he could.

Thank you and best regards,

My husband and I had our Parent Teacher conference on Friday and were so pleased to learn of our daughter’s progress. We were hugely impressed with all of her teachers and with Johanna. They are intelligent, articulate, lively and extremely accepting and supportive of the students. When we returned home, our daughter asked us which teacher we liked best and we honestly couldn't choose just one or even two. They were all wonderful.

We appreciate all the support and encouragement we have received from Score Academy. We were particularly touched by Johanna's proactive suggestion that our daughter be promoted to more challenging classes and by Jared's inspiring our daughter to achieve so much in Geometry that she is now taking both Geometry and Algebra 2. Ryan, Rebecca and Ms. Ramos are equally enthusiastic and inspiring. The energy and passion for their subjects is palpable. Their kindness and concern for their students as individuals is very moving.

Anyway, I thought you would want to hear a confirmation of what you probably already know -- that you have a great group at the Academy!

With best wishes,




We believe you are doing an outstanding job! Your communication and service has far surpassed our experience at Benjamin and the other schools that followed.Kudos!

Well, Jake certainly has come a long way! He plans on attending Valencia Community College and then transferring to UCF. He has already enrolled and will be living with his brother there. Looking forward to his graduation from Score Academy and many more years of success. Thank you for all of your efforts and the great team you have at Score Academy!!!! LeAnn is amazing as are all of your teachers!

Jamie M.

From the parents of full-time Score Academy students

Cathy - 

I just wanted to share with you such great news regarding Oliver. He received a letter from Suffolk University congratulating him on receiving above a 3.0 GPA his first semester at the Business School. He received a 3.49. They also honored him with a $1000 scholarship for his Spring Semester. Scott, Oliver and I cannot thank you and Judi and all of your wonderful teachers and staff for your amazing help and kindness. We continue to be so grateful to all of you. We are so happy for Oliver. He is so happy academically and socially at Suffolk University. He has made so many great friends and loves Boston.


Hope this finds you great. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Many, Many Thanks Again.




Claire was very excited about her first day at Score at the Top. She said it is awesome! Thank you for taking her on such short notice and for helping her complete the semester.

With best regards,



It is a pleasure to be able to offer another excellent report about one of our son's teachers, in this case Jose Carvajal. Jose is a terrific teacher who has developed a real rapport with our son. Not only does he excel in teaching the technical aspects of the course syllabus but he enhances the curriculum by challenging our son in discussing relevant issues arising out of the subject matter. Our son has a high regard from him and has learned much from him not only as a teacher of Environmental Science but as a role model. We are very appreciative of all of his efforts, which are in the above and beyond category.


Dear LeAnn & SATT,

You have no idea what your school has done for Jack. Your administration, teachers, and all the staff are top-notch. I have told everyone about your school because it makes a huge difference in a child's life. 

Janice O & Family

Dear Cathy,
We really appreciated the beautiful graduation that Score At The Top did for all of us. It was a good reflection on the school and its dedication to excellence. Jonathan will always remember this as a great moment in his life that was made a special event. Kids like him need that. Education has been very, very hard for him his whole life. We were never sure how far he could go. With a brother much older holding several degrees, it was a "Big Deal" to have him there and HUGE for him to speak! We are so proud of both of our boys and their respective academic accomplishments. We were honored to see them both speak the night of the graduation. Thank you, Cathy, and your staff and, of course, Alan and Judi for making all of this so lovely and memorable. We will never forget what you gave to us and the other families that evening. We made a wonderful memory!

With gratitude,
Paul & Cheryl

Colin’s graduation from Score At The Top was wonderful! Colin really enjoyed it and frankly, I felt it was much more meaningful than any cap and gown ceremony he might have had at Douglas. He was surrounded by people who care. Jason, Ambar and Debby are so wonderful and we really enjoyed having them with us. Andy kissed Colin’s diploma.

Thank You,

LJ is doing amazing in math! His skills were so low before he became a Score At The Top full-time student, but he is responding extremely well to Bob’s teaching and Katie’s remedial work. He is surprising all of us by how hard he is working and how much he is learning. He came to you from a local private school and had mostly C’s and D’s in math. You do turn kids around! LJ is a prime example of how one-on-one education can absolutely change the life of a student. LJ was so depressed and felt so defeated in his previous school that he could not bear the thought of returning there for his senior year. Thankfully, I trusted Score At The Top to turn him around. We are all enjoying our son blossom at Score At The Top.

I just wanted to say thank you very, very much. I have never seen David enjoy school so much and look forward to every day of classes with his teachers at Score At The Top! I hope that some day I get the chance to do something for you in an arena that you truly appreciate, because I really appreciate everything you do to help David and me.

From a father whose child used 5 weeks of the summer to take a full year of Honors Physics at Score At The Top

Thank you for wonderful reporting and especially for the time you spent this summer with Eric as your student. Your own endurance, patience and stamina teaching my son set a wonderful role model where he saw a serious college student accept profound teaching responsibility. You are a credit to Score at the Top and you will surely do amazing things as you pursue medical school and your career. If there is any way I can assist you in the future please do not hesitate to call on me. Eric and I would love to take you out to lunch as our treat if we can fit that in prior to everyone leaving for the next phase of their summer. Please email me your availability.

Monroe Benaim,
M.D. School Board Member

From a dad whose child’s social life had been more important than her academic life until he relocated her across the state to Score At The Top’s full-time school

Thank you and please give my thanks to the teaching staff. Taylor's benefitted a great deal from their kindness and dedication. Being plucked out of her comfort zone and landing in a one-on-one learning experience was a bit of a shock to her system I know, and probably hard to digest initially, but she rallied. I happy to have seen her demonstrate determination, maintain reasonable focus, stay with it to the end, finally earn respectable grades, keep good humor and grow up a little in the process. It's been a very positive experience for our family, and we're grateful for the efforts that conspired to make it so.

M.D., Taylor’s dad