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I am COMPLETELY finished with all of my applications as of a few minutes ago!!! So eager to hear back from all of the I will just continue to keep checking my application status and making sure that every school has everything they need in order to review my application and consider it complete. Thank you so much for pairing me with Barry; I had an incredible experience working with him and could not have done it without his guidance! And I already have three acceptances!

Ashley H


Dear Judi & Barry,


I got offered my dream fellowship yesterday.  I am so happy!  Thank you so much for your work with my CV and essay.  I received so many comments about that essay -- everyone loved it!  One big name even asked if she could keep an electronic copy after I sent it to her on paper.  Another attending from Yale wrote this regarding personal statements:

In my experience, 85% are blah, blah, blah, another 10% I am wishing that someone would shoot me so I don’t have finish reading the P.S. The last 5% I feel made my life fuller for having read the statement. Yours falls into that last category

So thank you again!  Until next year around this time when I have to apply for a second (and last) fellowship! 

Dr. Natalie  

 Hi Julie,        

I'm O's mom. I wanted to send a quick e mail to thank you for always getting back to O so quickly and for making such fantastic suggestions for her essays. Clearly you have some experience in this area! We are very grateful - thank you!



When Score At The Top was recommended to my family by a reputable college advising service in my cousin's town, we called right away,  made an appointment, and haven't looked back. From the moment I met Judi, I knew I was in good hands. She made me feel more relaxed and less apprehensive about the stressful application process and outlined a specific plan tailored to my individual needs. We went over a timeline for the remainder of my high school career that would best prepare me for college. Judi helped me to develop my outside interests even deeper and create a killer resume that enhanced  my college applications greatly. She suggested SAT tutoring services that ended up being very effective; those classes headed by Score At The Top staff helped me to improve my scores by over 300 points.         


But while all of that was helpful, it was Judi's faith in me as a student and scholar that had the biggest effect on college application process experience. Had Judi not believed in me the way she did, I might never have applied to my college of choice, Yale. Thanks to Judi and her vast amount of knowledge on all things college and preparation, I will be attended my dream school this coming fall. 

Thank you Score At The Top and Judi! 

Katherine W.

I wanted to give you an update on R. Maybe her story can encourage other students who seek your help and a difficult or low point in their lives, like she did.

I don't know if we told you, but her final grade point from Tulane was 3.9. At graduation she got award after award including Phi Betta Kappa and the "Tulane 34" which is awarded to 34 students in all of Tulane's schools (undergrad, grad, medical, law, etc) for leadership, scholarship, and community service.

She finished her coursework at Georgetown for her masters in Latin American Studies at the School of Foreign Service and the only thing left is to take the comprehensive test. Georgetown was very generous to her- she had a full scholarship for tuition and they paid for her entire summer in Colombia including plane fare, expenses, and tuition at the University in Bogota. Not that money is everything but it made her feel that her efforts were paying off. She missed New Orleans terribly but feels that she definitely made the right choice in going there.

She will stay in DC for the next few months to study for the comprehensive test and so some internships.

Again, thank you for all the help and encouragement you gave her. She was in such a bad place when you were seeing her -- it is so good to see her happy these past five years. I hope that her story can help other students.

Sincerely, S

Hey Judi...This is insane!!!!

I got into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Duke!!!!!!!  I don't know what to do with myself right now!!! I couldn't have done it without you!

Josh Feinzig

Thank you so much! I am absolutely thrilled to be attending Brown as a PLME student! I was also accepted to Columbia, Duke, Northwestern, WashU, Tufts, Emory, Rochester, and Miami. Thank you so much for all of your help and support during the application process!

Best, Julia

Thank you so much for all your guidance and support throughout my college application process. From the moment I started working with you freshman year, you made me feel more prepared and conficent about my college search. No matter what stage I was at in my high school career, I always felt confident that I was being guided to do everything I needed to get into my dream school. You helped me find that dream school -- Duke! -- and stand out from the crowd by showcasing my passion for science. You and everyone at Score At The Top made college apps a much less stressful experience. Thank you so much for being there to help me at every step along the way and to celebrate my successes with as much enthusiasm as I did! I am so thrilled to be going to Duke this fall, and I know my success would not have been possible without your guidance. Thank you so much for everything!

Caroline H. (Suncoast MSE/IB 2012, Duke BME 2016)


So, it's all over now. I received a whole bunch of acceptances from colleges such as University of Virginia, University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill, Tulane, Emory, and University of Florida -- and I will be attending Vanderbilt in the fall! I just wanted to thank you so much for all of the help you gave me throughout this process, editing, reediting, and counseling me through the essay writing process, tutoring me for the ACT (twice!), and always being there to answer all of my questions. I know that I couldn't have done it without you.


Jeffrey G 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your entire staff. Score At The Top has been instrumental at helping Adam position himself for college. He has been accepted to top schools and will be attending the number 2 best college in his chosen field of studies. But also very importantly, Adam has learned some significant lessons in putting his best foot forward, skills he now owns which will serve him well beyond the college application process. Thank you for guiding my son during this difficult phase, and best wishes and continuation in your successful business.

More specifically, he will be attending at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and will be switching to Materials Science, which is closely related to Chemical Engineering. Funny how the progression has gone, and he’s not even began college!

I just want to drop a note for Barry. He has been a tremendous help to Sweta on her college applications. No matter when we call him, including evenings, late at night, or weekends, he has been responsive and extremely helpful in guiding Sweta’s application essays. On many occasions he has reviewed material on the very same day (within hours!) and provided Sweta his superb feedback. We are also impressed by his skill in understanding the complex subject matters she writes about as well as suggesting necessary changes.

Yes to University of Florida!!! We owe it all to you for your guidance. Several top students we know did not make it.

 Mitchell A. Josephs, DDS

Bob and I could not be more pleased with the results you achieved for Sari. We came to you during the most stressful time in Sari’s life where it was necessary for her to really give her all – and before she started with you, her confidence was down and she was in shut-down mode. You obviously turned her around and now she is well on her way in life to the college of her choice. We cannot thank you enough.

Because of you, Sari’s brother Max is looking at two alternate research projects for this summer. One is Shoal's, sponsored by Cornell, to which he has already been accepted, and another is Stars, from St. Louis University. Max will tell you about them at your next meeting together. This would not have happened without you. In addition, because of your positive, gentle nudging, he tried out for that special jazz band group at school and was selected as the solo trumpet player. He would never have undertaken any of these activities based on our recommendation; they were only possible because of you!

I am writing to extend sincere thanks for your continued college guidance and for matching Stevie with Julie to oversee his essays and college applications!  From the moment we met Julie, we knew her warm, welcoming and encouraging manner would be an excellent match for Stevie's needs.  I am impressed with her high level of intelligence, her skillful way of teaching Stevie about the nuances of strong essays and applications, and her ability to understand Stevie’s intellectual strengths and his desire to show his personal best to each college.  

Stevie continues to express how beautifully Julie helps him crystallize his thoughts into writing.  She has assisted him in identifying his biggest attributes -- a definite confidence booster for a young man who just turned 17 -- and in choosing the best words possible to infuse them into his essays. He’s appreciates the way Julie challenges his thinking, and how she continually suggests varied wording to showcase his skills and talents. It’s been a true pleasure hearing how they have bonded, and how Julie continues to guide him in a way that encourages Stevie to assume more personal responsibility in this challenging, time-consuming application process.       

Julie continually offers insightful answers to my own questions, explaining subtleties and providing tips for the essay and other portions of the application. This has been extra helpful for a first-timer like me!

Again, thank you for your continued guidance, and the amazing connection to Julie. As we move forward, I am highly confident in her ability to ensure Stevie’s college applications truly reflect the very best he has to offer.

All my best, Marianne

I need to share with you – Ross's college application is a " work of art." I cannot convey to you strongly enough how phenomenal and impressive this is – and all because of you. You are absolutely phenomenal. I am so appreciative and humbled by all you have done for my son. I had previously felt there was little or no hope given his long and painful history. But you’re making his college dreams come true!

Thank you so much!!

I want to personally thank all of you. Please tell Judi how much we have appreciated all of the assistance that AJ and I received. All of you have made our lives MUCH easier – especially with all his college acceptances so far! Thanks again. We wish all of you a very happy holiday season and a healthy and happy New Year. I will keep you guys informed as to the remaining applications.

By the way, speaking of relaxing, that is why Jordan is coming to you next. Your services offer so much peace of mind, and for this we will always be grateful.  

Dear Judi,
I'm going to be a Northwestern University Wildcat next year! I 'm so excited that one of my top schools accepted me and I know it could not have happened without much of your invaluable guidance. I may freeze, but I know I will enjoy every minute of being a popsicle. One of my best friends is also going there so we can be Florida girls in the snow together. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so excited, elated, and grateful. Thanks again for all your help.

Sincerely, your very satisfied customer
Jenna F  

Dear Judi,
Thank you so much again for all your help, time and expertise in helping make Kevin’s and our dreams come true for him! Navigating down the road of Kevin’s education, college prep and college applications has not been easy and many times has been a process of trial and error to come to the right fit for him. Meeting and working with you has made this journey for all of us so much easier, more secure and more joyful (happily!) We wish we had met you sooner! We look forward to working with you on going with three more children in the wings!

All our best & warmest regards,

Dear Barry & Judi,
I am writing to thank you for all your help on the SAT, ACT, and my college applications. You helped me improve my writing by leaps and bounds and were always so prompt in getting back to me. It all paid off when I found out from Dartmouth that I got in! So thank you for helping me with everything!

Susan B.

Thank you so much for editing my law-school-application essay. Your comments definitely helped me improve and better detail my purpose. I have attached the updated version, and would love more of your editing!


I wanted to thank you and your staff for everything you have done for us! I think Monica will need Becky when she goes to college! Her words of encouragement have been wonderful! Becky has given her a lot of confidence in her writing. It has been so easy to send Becky an essay by email. Becky’s immediate response, suggestions and comments on Monica’s writing by email was such a resourceful way of accomplishing the task of essays! Sarah has also been great. She was very accessible, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. She even called us to make sure we were satisfied with the essays, when she was on vacation. Leslie also has been splendid. She has been very excited to hear about which college Monica has been accepted into. Everyone works very hard and really enjoys what they are doing. You have a very impressive and professional staff!

Thank you!
Cindy S.

Many thanks for your expert advice along the way. I especially appreciated those late-night emails that helped me make sense of the whole insane process. And I do mean insane.

For a recent birthday gift, I asked my husband for the college application services provided by Score At The Top for our high school son. It was a gift that kept on giving since any time we needed honest advice about college choices and guidance with the intimidating application process, Judi and her staff came through every time. A gift that involves less stress in my life is priceless and so this gift was well worth it! If I needed legal, medical or financial advice, I would go to a professional. Selecting the right college is a major life decision and just too important to not give it your best. I know I gave my child the best opportunities available to him by using the professional services at Score At The Top. Judi will take a personal interest in your child and it is so reassuring to have a knowledgeable person like her on your side."

Gina S