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From the Marjory Stoneman Douglas PTSA

Dear Judi,


We want to thank you again for SATT's support of MSD PTSA, our school and our 3rd Annual PTSA College Fair Expo. Your presentation and moderation of the panel discussion was really terrific and the feedback has been very positive and enthusiastic. You have a wonderful way of engaging the audience and with making sure that all of the panelists were included and valued. You were a huge help and it was a great evening all the way around- the best college fair we've hosted to date.


Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future.





A valedictorian says...

The valedictorian of a prestigious choice school (call it “School A”) confided in us that he was upset for his friend, also a valedictorian of a prestigious choice school (call it “School B”), who hadn’t been accepted to any top-tier colleges. The School A val had been accepted to every college to which he applied, including several Ivy League schools and esteemed double-degree med programs. Both students had straight A’s throughout high school, took the most rigorous courses available to them, and achieved top scores on standardized tests. What was the difference? The School A val did his college planning with us, starting a few years before he graduated and taking full advantage of our recommendations to enrich his life, academically and extracurricularly. He precisely encapsulated his accomplishments on a 2-page resume that sparkled, highlighting his passions and their impact on him and others. His college application essays truly sparkled and reflected deep thought and hours of careful writing and rewriting. His friend’s parents were afraid that their child would look too “packaged” if he worked with us, so he relied on his own intuition, his high school counselor, and his parents for guidance. Unfortunately, his dream of an Ivy League college education remained unfulfilled.

 Commendation by the SACS Quality Assurance Review Team (2011):

  • Score At The Top provides exceptional academic services to a variety of students ranging from those being homeschooled to others in gifted programs.
  • Score At The Top establishes and maintains near real-time communications among parents with a state-of-the-art management information system designed to monitor, record, and report student progress

 A Score At The Top tutor/educational consultant says... 

Briana got her acceptance notice from Lynn this morning. She sent me a picture around 8:30 asking if it was real or a joke. Her mom looked at her and asked what it was and Briana said "I think I'm going to college for sure." I just wanted to share the great news. Thanks for all the hard work you did, Judi, to help make sure she got in. She's a great kid and I know she can do so much in her life if she is just willing to put in a little effort. She said to me, "I think I might want to minor in nutrition." I feel so incredibly fortunately and fulfilled that I have helped her find a little direction in her life. It is amazing to see that she is thinking about her future. Thank you -- not just for Briana, but for starting a company that allows me the privilege of being a part of changing lives.

Debby Jensen

 From a Jupiter Christian parent, after a presentation about college-admission secrets:

Thank you for coming to JCS last evening! That was the most productive and informative meeting since our kids started there many years ago! 

Posted on Judi’s Facebook page (Nov 2009):

Dear Judi, I just saw your profile on a friend's page and I couldn't believe it -- you look exactly the same as when you tutored me for the SATs at your husband's Mazda dealership back in 1992. I think all of your hard work paid off -- I got a full merit scholarship to UVa, went on to Yale Law, clerked for now-Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and now I am a law professor at Berkeley. I hope you're still working your magic for another generation of college applicants!

All Best,
Melissa Murray