Tutoring & Test-Prep Clients

We're about to graduate our youngest, Abby, who is headed to UF in the fall. We have been using you guys for years, first with Sam, then my daughter Livia, now Abby. While Sam came to you for help in college counseling, my daughters mainly used your services for AP crams and SAT/AP prep. You and your staff have been instrumental in our kids' success. The reason I'm writing is because my daughter just took the macro-economics AP. She took the class in the fall, and while getting an A, she never felt very comfortable with the concepts or the teacher (this was at Suncoast). She knew she needed a cram session to prepare and really dreaded having to return to the subject, especially after 5 months. Plus when we found out Wellington was doing only one-on-one crams, she was very hesitant.

Not only did she learn a lot from her tutor, Sam Korab, she went as far as to say she wished he could have taught the class last fall and that she actually had an interest in the subject now. That was after only six hours of cramming! Plus, when she got home from the test, she actually thought it was easy! That would not have been the case one month ago.

So, thank you and your staff in particular for setting up Abby with Sam. and in general for helping all of my kids over the past 5 years. We will recommend you to anyone who asks.

Proud father of 3!

Dear Jay,

Our son, Kaleb Simmons, attended your spring 2013 test prep 8 week course. We are writing today, to sing praises to Score at the Top test prep courses and to your thorough, professional instructors. With the tutoring provided to him, and his determination, he scored a 31 on the June 2013 ACT test - thus ensuring him not only the Academic Scholar Bright Futures Scholarship, but ensures his acceptance to his University of choice and possible scholarships too!! We are very proud of Kaleb's efforts, hard work and achievements. We very much welcome the opportunity to highly recommend Score at the Top to other students. Please do not hesitate to utilize our names as references and recommendation to other parents and their students.

Thank you so much! Jon and Danielle Simmons

I just wanted to write you and let you know how wonderful Rebecca Flynn was as an instructor. My son Joshua learned so much from her and truly enjoyed the review course. I only wish we would have come to you earlier!

Rebecca was so remarkable--she picked up on Joshua's anxiety disorder without knowing about them and truly found the best way to teach to his learning style. We are so grateful for your help and are very glad Joshua had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rebecca.

Thank you so much for everything!

All the best,

Paula Goldberg

I just wanted to touch base and let you know how wonderfully things are going with Andrew and Julie Cardo.  During our initial conversation in February, I mentioned my concern that Andrew did not want a reading coach, that he described his most recent tutors as a "waste of time" and how finding the right fit for him was critical.

As you promised, Julie is truly amazing.  Actually, she is even better than that!!  She really has such a way with him that no other teacher or tutor has ever had.   Andrew says she makes their time together fun and interesting and I was thrilled (and truly shocked) when HE asked if he can add a day and see Julie 3 times/week and add additional time to their hour lessons, whenever possible.  Who would believe this came from Andrew after he fought with me about just 1 day/week before we started?   Andrew is feeling so much more confident because of Julie and the progress he is making.  I plan to speak with you about adding her as a writing coach as well once baseball season is over.

Andrew took his SSAT's over the last two days at school and he felt really good about them.  I know that the past 6-7 weeks with Julie is making a significant impact in so many ways!! 

Warmest Regards,

I just wanted to write you and let you know how wonderful Rebecca Flynn was as an instructor. My son Joshua learned so much from her and truly enjoyed the review course. I only wish we would have come to you earlier! 

Rebecca was so remarkable--she picked up on Joshua's anxiety disorder without knowing about them and truly found the best way to teach to his learning style. We are so grateful for your help and are very glad Joshua had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rebecca. 

Thank you so much for everything! 

All the best, 
  Paula G

I have been wanting to write you for some time now to let you know about the tests Allison took that you tutored her on in AP Calculus, but end of the year events have kept us crazy. The tutoring was for 2 particular tests and Allison made an 85 and a 100. Basically no one makes 100 on a test in her AP class and even her 85 was much higher than the biggest majority of the students who took the test. I believe she told you how very hard her AP Calc class is at Pine Crest (which is a very high academic school) so she was jumping for joy when she received these two grades. I believe she is finishing out the class with a B of 85 (thanks to your final grades) but she is very happy about that. Now off to Georgetown to try out their calculus class. Thanks again for all of your help.


Thought I would send an "end of the year" update. Jack ended up not applying to any boarding schools as we all decided we wanted him for these last 2 high school years. He got into two top private schools in the county, and tomorrow I plan to send in the check and register him for 3 APs, 2 honors classes, and Chinese.

We really appreciate all you and Score at the Top have done. We appreciate the quality of your tutors; Jack has been taking tutoring sessions in chemistry and math which we believe is going to help him get 6 "A"s and 1 B this semester.

I can't believe I have resisted tutoring for so long, Jack loves it and it really helps. The tutors are better than these two particular teachers and his math tutor even found several errors on a test practice that she gave to the entire class. Jack pointed it out and his teacher sent a retraction to all her students.

If anyone needs a reference for Score At The Top - please mention my name. We are THRILLED... Christian went from a 23 on his first ACT... Then he took the prep course with you over the summer and just scored a 28 on his 2nd try. We COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! 

Patty S.

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Tracey’s tutor! Tracey arrived for tutoring very frustrated, feeling like she did not understand the material being taught in school. She is a visual learner and gets lost in class lectures. She met her tutor for the first time and they bonded immediately. After a 5-minute introduction they jumped into math for the first hour and science for the second hour. The tutor used props to help her understand the concepts. When I picked her up, her tutor was so encouraging when told me “Tracey can do it; she is smart and has the desire to learn!” What a relief! Tracey came out and announced, “I have learned more in two hours at Score At The Top than I have learned all year at school.” We have already referred two other students to you and we will continue to make referrals. See you next week!!

Marilyn B.

Dear Score At The Top Coral Springs, Jan & I wanted to thank you for your guidance and expertise. Jan was able to bring her SAT score up over 300 points to a 2330. We are very pleased with her progress and thrilled with both you and her scores. I just wanted to say thank you!

Please share Sam’s story with everyone!!! Sam has never done so well in math and he loves working with Stan! I believe Sam had a D or D- in math with a F on his midterm exam when he started SATT. Sam finished this quarter with a B+ and a B+ on his midterm! Thanks for everything...By the way, Sam is having amazing success with Anna!!! We picked up tutoring in History because Sam had a D... and he finished the quarter with a B+ in this subject as well and he loves working with her too!


Dear Score At The Top Tutoring staff,
Thank you for taking so much time to speak with me this morning. Our daughter said she really enjoyed working with all of you and that it was actually "fun"!!! Music to our ears.

Dear Score At The Top Boca, Thanks very much for your excellent tutoring. After taking the CLAST at lest 10 times over the past 2 years, Christy finally passed. :-)

Best Regards,
Bob P.

Dear Barry & Judi, I am writing to thank you for all your help on the SAT, ACT, and my college applications. You helped me improve my writing by leaps and bounds and were always so prompt in getting back to me. It all paid off when I found out from Dartmouth that I got in! So thank you for helping me with everything! 

Susan B.

I hope you and your family are well. I wanted to take the time to let you know of Jason's success. We received his ACT scores yesterday, and he achieved true success in math! He went up 8 points. He also went up 3 points in reading and 2 points in English.

I want you to know how pleased we are with Jason's success. We really want to thank Lisa, his tutor, for being so instrumental in Jason's progress. We look forward to working with Score at the Top further.

Again thank you, and you should be very proud of your staff.


Dear Cathy,
I just wanted to pass on a "job well done!" for Stan. I will call him myself tomorrow, but wanted your company to know this too.

Stan tutored my daughter, Karen, for approximately four sessions for the SSATs. We recently received her results, and could not have been happier: her overall score went up from an 81 last year to a 93 this year! This is a cumulative final score, and the test she just took, as an 8th grader, was more difficult than the one she was given last year as a 7th grader. This new cumulative score puts her well in the range for the required SSAT score for any prep school in the United States, and she and I are absolutely thrilled! We are all very grateful for the help and guidance Stan gave her.

As I said, I will be contacting Stan myself, but I did want to make sure that his employers knew this too. Thank you!

Loretta S.

Dear Barry,
I wanted to let you know that my son scored a 32 on the ACT (he had previously scored a 28). His Science score improved tremendously - can't remember score but it was very high! Thanks so much for your help. I will recommend you to everyone!


We love your new online system for updating us after every one of Dan’s tutoring sessions. Now we always know how he’s doing. Wish all schools would do the same thing so parents would have a heads up before things go wrong. Thanks for being so on top of keeping parents in the loop!

So far we are very pleased with the specialized tutoring program for our girls. We really enjoy the tracking program you’re using for updates. Both girls have benefited immensely from the tutoring sessions; they certainly feel more confident when taking tests – and are getting the grades to prove it! Thanks for being so sensitive to our needs.

Your tutors and your online tracking system are both EXCELLENT! Keep it up!

Larry and I appreciate the feedback from you about Amanda’s progress. We think the system of parent notification after each session is great. Thanks for the detailed info.

Your notification system is a great idea for business and clients – very clever and useful. I will soon be sending my younger daughter to you!

Adam learned a great deal from you and from everyone at Score at the Top. I find his writing skills to be greatly improved now. It’s truly as if he took a writing class and earned a legitimate A. I know he will carry these skills into college and they will fare him well. On a personal level, I know Adam appreciated you, and it was clear you forged a wonderful relationship with him. We all need more friends like you, so thank you thank you thank you for all you have done for his successful college planning!

Hi Mrs. Orgel! It is Josh. I think i did very well on the AP test given last Thursday, and I'm very comfortable with it! =) Thank you so much for all of your help, i really couldn't have done any of it without you. For example, i had no idea what the triangle trade was before coming to you, but you taught me about it, and it had to do with the CCOT question that was assigned to us. Thank you again so much, you were such a big help, and words can't express how appreciative i am of your work. I can't wait to work with you again next year! Thanks again for everything! You are amazing at what you do! =)

Please pass the news to Deb that her pupil – Nathaniel ( 3rd grade) – scored a 4 on the FCAT. His previous diagnostic scores were a 1 and a 3 so this was a BIG win for us. Thank you so much ! We will be returning this fall for math and writing help. We are very impressed!

Nicole & Russ