Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

We provide small, highly structured settings perfect for implementing effective methods of instruction for students with ASD.

    Score Academy students with ASD learn in a safe, understanding, and individualized fashion. We provide small, highly structured settings perfect for implementing effective methods of instruction. We identify and use measurable goals for tracking progress in academic, personal, and social skills development.

    Score Academy is a strong believer in experiential education; students often learn best when presented with information in environments where they will ultimately apply the information. For instance, students practice their math lessons with monetary exchanges, and learn about science by planting seeds. This helps students improve their skills by framing their knowledge in real-world terms.

    Additional teaching strategies include:

    • Minimizing distractions when presenting a task involving concentration
    • Linking work to the student’s interests and fixations
    • Building lessons around personal special-interest topics
    • Creating and sticking to a regular daily schedule, visually accessible to the student
    • Building in time for structured play
    • Supporting the student in open-ended and group tasks
    • Allowing some access to obsessive behavior as a reward for positive efforts
    • Using a variety of presentation approaches: visual, physical guidance, peer modeling, etc.
    • Recognizing that some behaviors may reflect anxiety (triggered by even minor changes to routine)
    • Providing fewer choices with clear options to avoid overwhelming the student
    • Avoiding sarcasm or idioms (A statement like “Put your thinking cap on” will leave an ASD student completely mystified.)
    • Repeating instructions, checking understanding, and using short sentences

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