Educational Consulting

We offer a high level of personalized guidance that students might not get in school.


    Choosing a school, college, or graduate school can be a daunting decision. Few parents or school counselors have the full array of resources needed to guide a student toward the best choice. The unprecedented increase in applications over the last several years has made the admissions process more competitive and complex than ever, so to be successful, a student must stand out.

    That's where the educational consulting services of Judi Robinovitz, Certified Educational Planner, play a pivotal role. Judi and her staff of educational consultants offer a high level of personalized guidance that students might not get in school.

    Since 1980, thousands of families have turned to Judi, a seasoned professional who partners with students to help them choose and apply to the “best fit” schools, colleges, and graduate schools.

    Because Judi travels across the county to visit dozens of campuses every year – meeting with admission officers and students, touring the facilities, and learning about the current campus culture – her personal insight provides a student with a much deeper understanding of each school or college than can be conveyed in a catalog, guidebook, or website.

    In a nutshell, we teach our students how to truly distinguish themselves from other qualified applicants, thus increasing their potential for acceptance to their top choices. In fact, more than 95% of our students have been accepted to their top-choice schools, colleges, and grad schools.

    Judi and her staff provide expert guidance for:

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