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Support for the Virtual School Year

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Options for 2020-2021

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Is Test Optional for You?

Is Test Optional for You?

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$99 Essay Review Special

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The latest tips, tricks, and education to help you get into your top college.

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Covid Conversations with Colleges

How to Stay Sane During Covid-19

Common Application: The Hidden Factors

Conversations with FRAC

Engineering 101: Are You Building Toward the Right Career?

7 Things to Remember When Submitting Your College Applications

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Finding that Perfect Match: How to Evaluate an Online School

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News Flash! Colleges are Releasing Their Supplementary Essay Prompts!

Attention, Students Who Want to Apply to Test-Optional Colleges!

Test-Optional and College Admissions: Think Twice

College That Have Gone Test Optional as Result of the Coronavirus 

COVID-19 and College Enrollment: Uncertainty and Trepidation Revisited

Covid-19 Has Infected the Common App!

Three Good Reasons to Start Prepping for the GRE

How Parents Can Help Stem a COVID-19 Learning Slide

Fall 2020 College Applications: The Impact of COVID-19

300 Free Things To Do During Quarantine

The Coronavirus and College Admission: Extracurricular Activities to Help You Stand Out


UCF Admissions Webinar: Q & A Recap

The Coronavirus and College Admissions: Part 2

The Coronavirus and College Admissions: Part 1

New Intel on the SAT and ACT

The Coronavirus: Creates College Admissions Vertigo

Adapting Perfectly: Changes to the Upcoming AP Exams

Recommendation Letters in the Era of Covid-19

Visiting Colleges in the Era of Covid-19

The College Search and Covid-19

Quick Takes: Calculus, Curriculum, and Coronavirus Cancellations

Coronavirus-itis: How to Keep Kids in Learning Mode

The Latest Intel on College Admissions & Testing in Light of Covid-19

AP Exam Update from the College Board

Extracurricular Case Study: Dream Dorm Decorators

Keeping Kids Busy and Productive at Home

The Advantages of Synchronous Virtual Tutoring

Top Tips for Your Campus Visits

The Changes to the 2020 AP US History Test & 3 Tips to Help

2020 Changes to AP Literature and AP Language Exams

How FL Home-Schooled Students Get Involved in High School Athletics

IEPs and 504 Plans: What are They and Which is Better?

Legislative Updates Affecting FL Universities & Scholarship Programs

Extracurricular Case Study: Boca Buckets

The College Board and PSAT Scores: Oh, No, Not Again!

The Many – and Confusing – “Flavors” of GPA

The Important Difference between Tutoring and Academic Coaching

FSU Decision Day 2020

The McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities

Do Colleges Accept Letters of Recommendation from 10th Grade Teachers?

Understanding Your PSAT Scores & Their Role in College Admissions

Some Notes on How to Fill out the SSAR

More Important Info on Upcoming Changes to the ACT

Completing College Application Writing Supplements

Looking for Scholarship Money for College?

Acing the PSAT Math

12 Principles for Creating a College Application Personal Statement

Acing the PSAT Reading Section

Selective College Admissions: Stand OUT! Get IN!

To Résumé or Not to Résumé for College Applications?

What It Takes to Get Admitted to a State University in Florida

Make Your College Fairs Great

Crazy scores on the August 2019 SAT

Lady Liberty and the Crisis in the Bahamas

SAT Tutoring and Scoring: Sometimes Results Are a Mystery

Teens in Crisis, Desperate Parents, Wilderness, & Therapeutic Programs

Falling in Love, Emails, and College Admission

ACT Superscoring: Some Surprising Findings by the ACT

When your GPA doesn't equal your GPA - Score At The Top

Bright Futures Scholarship Update 2019

How to Respond to the UF Essay Prompts

Visiting colleges? Keep Your Sanity and Budget in Check!

Is the SAT or ACT Essay Required or Recommended?

Do I Have to Take a Subject Test? - Score At The Top

Should I Take a Subject Test?

College Application Personal Statement Ch 5: Effective Self-Reflection

College Application Personal Statement, Ch 4: A Great Opening Line

College Application Personal Statement, Chapter 2: Character Counts

Your College Application Personal Statement – Chapter 3: Selecting a Topic

Your College Application Personal Statement – Chapter 1: Starting Steps

The Most Important College Application Dates - Class of 2020

More Advice for New College Freshmen and Their Parents

Our Advice on Whether to Complete the ACT or SAT Essay

The Most Effective Ways to Prepare for the SAT or ACT

9 Important Things for New Freshmen and Their Parents

The Future of Bright Futures...Isn’t So Bright

Get Great Recommendations: Here’s How

SAT or ACT: Choose Wisely - Part 2

Extracurricular Activities Can Make a Difference in College Admissions

SAT or ACT: Choose Wisely – Part 1

AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests: Similarities & Differences

Title I School Students Reap Rewards

Gyroscopes, Eggs, and College Students’ Mental Health

Cancelling an SAT or ACT Score

Will Bright Futures Grow Dim for Some Florida Students?

A Few Reflections on the Recent College Admissions Rigging Scandal

Bonus Points: Courses & Programs That Can Boost Your GPA

SAT and ACT: What We Recommend for Sophomores - Score At The Top

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways…

Take-Aways for College Applicants in NACAC’s College Admissions Report

Top five considerations in choosing your classes for next year

Here’s How Your Competition Can Beat You in College Admissions…Part I

How to Avoid the Stressful Ordeal of Applying to Colleges

Getting started: Crafting Your College Essay

College Admissions Trends: The Past as Prologue – Part I

PSAT: The Good, The Very Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Score Academy Student and Tennis Phenom Signs with Stanford

AICE vs AP & IB: The California Conundrum (and New York’s, too)

How to Effectively Complete the Activities Section of College Applications

Apply for the Bright Futures Scholarship

Forget Catching the Worm: The Early Bird is More Likely to Get Admitted

Present a Consistent Picture of Yourself in Your College Applications

Here’s Your Magic Formula for the Perfect College Application Essay

Clearing Up Confusion About the College Application Personal Statement

How Critical is “Demonstrated Interest” for College Admissions?

Should I Take the SAT or ACT Essay?

Colleges That Superscore the ACT - Score At The Top

Wacky Scores on the June 2018 SAT - Score At The Top

Guidance On Picking The Best Colleges - Score At The Top - South Florida

It’s Summer Time: Are Your Children Losing their Learning?

Better Returns than Buffet's: The Bright Futures Scholarship - Score At The Top

Is There A Future Doctor in the House?

Get Directions On College Applications - Score At The Top - South Florida

Changes to the ACT 2018

Application Essays for Florida’s State Universities

Tips On College Financial Aid Letters - Score At The Top - South Florida

Death from College Cost Sticker Shock…and How to Avoid It: Part 2

Death from College Cost Sticker Shock…and How to Avoid It: Part 1

Academic Needs - Square Pegs (Students) - Score At The Top - South Florida

Tips To Choose Round Holes (Schools) - Score At The Top - South Florida

Insights On College Admission Process - Score At The Top - South Florida

Missed Oct PSAT? Know What To Do - Score At The Top - South Florida

CEO Judi Robinovitz Shares Her Story With VoyageMIA - Score At The Top

Information On Submitting Your SSAR - Score At The Top - South Florida

Benefits of Professional Test Prep - Score At The Top - South Florida

The Magic Formula for a Perfect College Application Essay

What Matters to Admission Officers? - Score At The Top

Quick "Need to Knows" On Coalition App - Score At The Top - South Florida

5 Good Reasons to Prepare for the PSAT - Score At The Top

What’s Really Important About The College You Attend: Part II

What’s Really Important About The College You Attend: Part I

Colleges that Do NOT Superscore the SAT - Score At The Top

Know How Various Grades Are Different - Score At The Top - South Florida

WHAT? No Credits Toward College Graduation for Good AP Scores?

Read About The ZeeMee Revolution - Score At The Top - South Florida

How To Get Into College, Part 3 of 3

SAT Subject Tests in August - Score At The Top

When does less than $6,000 equal nearly $150,000?

How To Get Into College, Part 2 of 3

How To Get Into College, Part 1 of 3

Score At The Top and Score Academy Renew Accreditation with AdvancED

Summer-Time Guidance For Students - Score At The Top - South Florida

Overcoming Asperger’s - Score At The Top

A Middle School Decision that Casts a Long Shadow - Score At The Top

Spinning Gold - Score At The Top

Want to be Sure Summer is the Right Time to Start Test Prep?

Even Brighter Futures for Florida High School Scholars - Score At The Top

More Changes to the Common Application for 2017-18 - Score At The Top

Information On New Summer SAT Test - Score At The Top - South Florida

Musical Chairs and Admissions at Highly Selective Colleges

What Works Well, What Doesn’t – Improving Learning and Test Scores

How To Write An Uncommonly Good Common App Essay – Part-III

Read About The Win For Disabled Students - Score At The Top - South Florida

How To Write An Uncommonly Good Common App Essay – Part II

7 Study Tips for the AP Exams - Score At The Top

How To Write An Uncommonly Good Common App Essay – Part I

Tell Me You’re Kidding: ACT Tells Colleges WHAT? (Part II)

Tell Me You’re Kidding: ACT Tells Colleges WHAT? (Part I)

Being “Average” is Beginning to Look Good — and That’s a Very Bad Thing

Tips To Improve Your Admission Chances - Score At The Top - South Florida

Three Things To Do After Getting Your PSAT Score - Score At The Top

Deferred ≠ Dead - Score At The Top

What to do at Holiday Time - Score At The Top

3rd Grade State Testing: Do You Know About the Portfolio Option?

EFS - What's that? - Score At The Top

Executive Function Skills - Part 2 - Score At The Top

Why Learning Center-Based Tutoring Is Superior - Score At The Top - Florida

Aim For These Top 270 Universities - Score At The Top - South Florida

New glitches just discovered in Common App: PERSONAL ESSAY

4 Ways to Manage Sports, School and College Apps With Your iPhone

How to Establish a Testing Calendar in Light of the New SAT

Colleges that Allow or Ask for an Uploaded Resume - Score At The Top

Back to School: Cyber Safety 101 - Score At The Top

Gain An Edge Over The Most Elite Colleges - Score At The Top - S. Florida

Application Essays: For Openers (Part I) - Score At The Top

Take A Break for Better Test Scores - Score At The Top

Outstanding College Counseling Services for Private School Students

3 Hobbies to Help Reduce Your Anxiety About Going Away to School - Score At The Top

SAT & ACT Essay – Both Optional Beginning in March 2016

More News from the SAT Battlefront: SCORING - Score At The Top

Test Prep Provider For Saint Andrews - Score At The Top - South Florida

I Wish They All Could Be California…Cool Eco-Schools - Score At The Top

Examicide? Trouble in SATville and ACTville - Score At The Top

Help Your Teens Prepare for Milestone Events - Score At The Top

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