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AICE vs AP & IB: The California Conundrum (and New York’s, too)

How to Effectively Complete the Activities Section of College Applications

Apply for the Bright Futures Scholarship

Forget Catching the Worm: The Early Bird is More Likely to Get Admitted

Present a Consistent Picture of Yourself in Your College Applications

Here’s Your Magic Formula for the Perfect College Application Essay

Clearing Up Confusion About the College Application Personal Statement

How Critical is “Demonstrated Interest” for College Admissions?

Do I Have to Take a Subject Test?

Should I Take a Subject Test?

Should I Take the SAT or ACT Essay?

Colleges That Superscore the ACT

Wacky Scores on the June 2018 SAT

Picking Your Best-Fit Colleges: Can You Get In, and Are You Sure You Want To?

It’s Summer Time: Are Your Children Losing their Learning?

Better Returns than Buffet's: The Bright Futures Scholarship

Is There A Future Doctor in the House?

Common vs Coalition vs Universal College Application: Which Should You Complete?

Changes to the ACT 2018

Application Essays for Florida’s State Universities

College Financial Aid Letters: Expect Confusion, Read Carefully, and Do Your Homework

Death from College Cost Sticker Shock…and How to Avoid It: Part 2

Death from College Cost Sticker Shock…and How to Avoid It: Part 1

Round Holes (Schools) and Square Pegs (Students): Beware the Sirens’ songs of “prestige” and “selectivity” - Part II

Round Holes (Schools) and Square Pegs (Students): Beware the Sirens’ songs of “prestige” and “selectivity” - Part I

The Essence of College Admissions — as compiled this year by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

Missed the October PSAT? You’re No Longer Locked Out From National Merit Recognition!

CEO Judi Robinovitz Shares Her Story With VoyageMIA

Admissions Intel from UF, FSU, FAU, FL Poly, and New College: Submitting your SSAR

Read. Think. Write. A world of difference with truly professional test prep.

The Magic Formula for a Perfect College Application Essay

What Matters to Admission Officers?

Some Quick "Need to Knows" On The Coalition App for UF & FSU and the SSAR (UF, FSU, FAU, FL Poly, New College)

5 Good Reasons to Prepare for the PSAT

What’s Really Important About The College You Attend: Part II

What’s Really Important About The College You Attend: Part I

Colleges that Do NOT Superscore the SAT

Advanced Courses, GPA, and College Admissions: Not All Grades Are Created Equal

WHAT? No Credits Toward College Graduation for Good AP Scores?

Quit Telling Us What Not To Do: Social Media, College Admissions, the ZeeMee Revolution

How To Get Into College, Part 3 of 3

SAT Subject Tests in August

When does less than $6,000 equal nearly $150,000?

How To Get Into College, Part 2 of 3

How To Get Into College, Part 1 of 3

Score At The Top and Score Academy Renew Accreditation with AdvancED

Rising Juniors and Seniors: Got Summer Time on Your Hands? College Calls, Even Now

Overcoming Asperger’s

A Middle School Decision that Casts a Long Shadow

Spinning Gold

Want to be Sure Summer is the Right Time to Start Test Prep?

SAT and ACT: What We Recommend for Sophomores

Even Brighter Futures for Florida High School Scholars

More Changes to the Common Application for 2017-18

It’s a totally new SAT test date! So, should you take the August 26th Summer SAT?

Musical Chairs and Admissions at Highly Selective Colleges

What Works Well – and What Doesn’t – for Improving Learning and Test Scores

How To Write An Uncommonly Good Common App Essay – Part-III

BIG NEWS! BIG and UNANIMOUS WIN for Students with Disabilities and Their Families

How To Write An Uncommonly Good Common App Essay – Part II

7 Study Tips for the AP Exams

How To Write An Uncommonly Good Common App Essay – Part I

Tell Me You’re Kidding: ACT Tells Colleges WHAT? (Part II)

Tell Me You’re Kidding: ACT Tells Colleges WHAT? (Part I)

Being “Average” is Beginning to Look Good — and That’s a Very Bad Thing

Juniors – NOW is the Right Time to Start Planning for College Application Season Next Fall

Three Things To Do After Getting Your PSAT Score

Deferred ≠ Dead

What to do at Holiday Time

3rd Grade State Testing: Do You Know About the Portfolio Option?

EFS - What's that?

Executive Function Skills - Part 2

7 Things to Remember When Submitting Your College Applications

3 Reasons that Learning Center-Based Tutoring is Superior to In-Home Tutoring

The top-ranked 270: You may have what it takes to get into these universities!

New glitches just discovered in Common App: PERSONAL ESSAY

4 Ways to Manage Sports, School and College Apps With Your iPhone

How to Establish a Testing Calendar in Light of the New SAT

Colleges that Allow or Ask for an Uploaded Resume

Back to School: Cyber Safety 101

Applying to the nation’s most elite colleges? Here’s what will set you apart…

Application Essays: For Openers (Part I)

Take A Break for Better Test Scores

Outstanding College Counseling Services for Private School Students

3 Hobbies to Help Reduce Your Anxiety About Going Away to School

SAT & ACT Essay – Both Optional Beginning in March 2016

More News from the SAT Battlefront: SCORING

Press Release: Score At The Top Chosen as a Test Prep Provider for Saint Andrews

I Wish They All Could Be California…Cool Eco-Schools

Examicide? Trouble in SATville and ACTville

Help Your Teens Prepare for Milestone Events

Will you be ready for the NEW SAT ESSAY?

Four more chances to take the current SAT

First Apartment? 3 Tips for a Seamless Move

Are You Investing in SAT or ACT Tutoring? Get Real Results!

The Skills You’ll Need for Redesigned SAT Essay

Show Them You Care: Care Package Ideas for Your College-Bound Kid

The Latest on the ACT

A Half-Dozen Ways to Find Your Application Essay Voice

Are you applying to UF, FSU, or UCF?

5 Ways to Enhance Your Summer – and Your Future!

The ACT Essay

Junior Year PSAT/SAT/ACT Calendar for the Class of 2017

ACT Mutations?

Summer “E-R-A”— Steps toward an Improved Transcript and an Enhanced College Application

Are you ready for the changes to the ACT?

Guest Blog: Athletic Recruitment at Elite Colleges

7 Reasons for Med School Rejections

4 Tools to Stay Safe During a College Tour

“Subject” Yourself to These! And Make a Strong Impression with SAT Subject Tests!

How to get off the waitlist

Steer Clear of the New SAT

Latest News Regarding the Redesigned SAT

FSU Released their Final Freshmen Decisions

College Acceptance: California Edition

Comparing SAT’s and ACT’s new Essay Formats

College Letter Season: I’m Going, I’m Going…Gone

SAT Vocabulary Questions Gone! Hooray! But…not so fast

A Controversy that Never Goes Away: Testing

Create a Study Room for Your Child's SAT Prep

The Redesigned SAT & PSAT ― Some New Information: Part 2

The Redesigned SAT & PSAT ― Some New Information (a Two-Part Post) Part 1

Ranking Your Status, or, the Current Status of Class Rank

SAT Score Are In: Break Glass, Pull Handle!

I got those graduation requirements wrapped up. Am I done? Or…

Hobbies That Can Help Calm Your Mind Before College

AP, IB, and AICE Programs: A Brief Comparison (Part 4)

AP, IB, and AICE Programs: A Brief Comparison (Part 3)

AP, IB, and AICE Programs: A Brief Comparison (Part 2)

AP, IB, and AICE Programs: A Brief Comparison

eLearning: Study Apps for Busy Teens

The Redesigned SAT: New Math ― Sunny Skies, or Ominous Clouds?

Enhancing your curriculum: Dual Enrollment vs AP

Parent of a "Teflon Kid" Turned Educational Consultant/Therapeutic Placement Specialist

CSS Profile ― Financial Aid from 276 colleges

No College Loans, Only College Grants! Read on….

Five Effective Ways to Leverage your PSAT Scores

College Application Season: Keep Your Kid's Identity Safe

Three Tips on Approaching the Florida EOCs

SENIORS: Five Ways to Demonstrate Interest & Improve your Chances for Admission

How to Research Private Schools for your Child

Want Money? Check Out Florida’s Financial Aid Programs!

SAT/ACT Prep = $$ in the bank!


Put the Fun in Fundraising: 4 Creative Event Ideas

6 SAT Study Apps to Help you Succeed

You clicked SUBMIT. NOW what?

Applying to UF or FSU? Then you'll need to complete the SSAR

It’s official: You know where you're going to college, what you want to study and even where you're going to live. What you don’t know—at least not quite yet—is how you’re going to pay for it all. Man

COMMON APP: Essays and More Essays

All Early Action (EA) and Early Decision (ED) college application programs are NOT created equal!

COMMON APP: The Activities page – How do I complete it, considering the paucity of space provided for each activity?

How Do I Complete the Education Page of the Common App?

How Should I Complete the Testing Page of the Common App?

Top 5 Apps to Stay Connected With Your Child Studying Overseas

3 Key Changes to the New PSAT

ACT Reveals its Redesign Plan for 2015

The Redesigned PSAT/NMSQT

Score At The Top: More Than Children’s Play

When your GPA doesn't equal your GPA

How to Decide Which Major is Right For You

The SAT Redesign (first test in March, 2016)

Courses for Credit – A Brilliant Summer Opportunity

How to Turn an Internship Into a Job Offer

FLVS Courses Free for Everyone…Except McKay Parents

And You Thought It Was Safe to Apply…

Bring Your Horse to College

150 Suncoast High School Students show significant results on SAT as a result of Score At The Top Training

Bright Futures Gets Tougher

The Fresh Air Fix For College Student Stress

Now that you’ve been admitted to all those schools….put the icing on your cake

Summer Programs & College Admission

College Students-to-Be: Stay Safe While Applying for Scholarships

The Conundrum of College Admissions

SAT Subject Tests - Do you really need them?

Video Games for a Well-Rounded College Experience

Florida's replacement for the FCAT, are there alternatives

Will the New SAT Essay Really be Optional?

The New SAT (2016) vs the Current SAT

3 Tips for Succeeding at Online Classes

SAT REASONING TEST: Big Changes Coming!

Quicksand and the SAT (or ACT)

Strategies for Stress Management During Midterms

Top five considerations in choosing your classes for next year

10 Most Important Factors in College Admissions

College Admissions Trends - We've got your number!

When is the best time to take the SAT?

Test Optional Colleges

How to Avoid Distractions While Studying at Home

The Secret to Studying

Back-To-School Gift Ideas for Stressed College Students

The Colleges are Coming to the Miami College Fair

Games And Learning: How Fun Activities Can Boost SAT And ACT Test Scores

Your Resume: Your Opportunity to Stand Out in College Admissions

What You Think You Know About College Admissions May Actually Hurt You

College Admissions: Getting Realistic

Standing by on the SAT: The College Board’s Waitlist

PSATs are Back, now what?

Ho Ho Homework!

What's Next for Juniors?

How to Succeed in College: Time Management Tips

Sweat Away the Stress: 4 Benefits of Exercise for College Students

Your Own Test Prep Privileges!!

Common Application Deadline Extensions

The Common App Daily Updates

Untangling the Business Degree Web

Homeschool Students and the Common Application

The PSAT: Things to Remember

Top of the Class: Helpful College Apps for Returning Students

Are your SAT or ACT scores a poor reflection of you?

SAT for HS Juniors and Seniors: Apps and more

Who Gets in & Why

Academic Success is Virtually Assured with One of These Top New Laptops

Florida Schools Change their GPA Calculations for Admissions

How Changes to the University of Florida’s Freshman Admissions Procedure Affect YOU!

How to Prepare Your College Student for Credit

You're a Rockstar: 5 Rewards for the College Student

Don't Want to Study for That Big Test? Here's Help for Procrastinators

Why This Particular College? How to Write an Effective Response to This Essay Question

5 Most Useful Gifts for Their First Year of College

Math is Beauitiful! Math is Poetry

Brain Food: 5 Best Foods to Eat Before a Test

What Some Colleges Are Asking Members of their 2013 Freshman Class to Read

Brainstorming Ideas for Your College Application Essay

Final Exams: Break Glass, Pull Handle, or, How to Help Your High School Student

The Common Application for 2013-2014

The Latest Common App Essay Prompts (2013-14)

Gold in Them Thar Hills: The Independent Educational Consultant

More Common Application Questions, 2013-14

ACT Testing Goes Virtual

A Guide to Becoming a College Student: 15 Practical Parenting Tips

Twitter's Top Ten for College Admission

College Board News about a Change in AP Exam Score Reporting!

The Secret Test (?)

What is Your Teacher Adding to Your College Application with a Recommendation Letter?

How Parents Can Prepare Their Students for College

Parent Teacher Complex: Help Your Teen Ace Tests

On second thought…or…Weighing the Pros and Cons of Appealing an Admissions Decision

You Don't Know Jack: Preparing For College and Beyond

Changes to the Common App

10 Good Reasons to Take a Gap Year

One STINKIN’ Question!

ZZZs Make for As: A Tutor Talks All-Nighters

Test Anxiety, Be Gone!

Delusions of the College Applicant

Making Effective Connections during the College Application Process

SAT Statistics

Find out when you will get your SAT scores

Turning the College Spotlight..on You (the benefits of demonstrated interest)

Additional information on ACT test registration requirements

New security measures for the SAT & ACT

Summer “E-R-A”—Some Easier Steps toward an Improved Transcript and a Better College Application

Seniors! Beware! Don’t let up now, because your future college is watching!

How hard was it to get into some of the nation’s most prestigious universities this year?

New Trends in College Admissions: Unexpected Gold?

An Education Meltdown?

Taking the SAT? A Tougher Test Day ID Protocol is on the Way!

How to Enrich Your Summer and Improve Your Chances for College Admission

How to Win the Reading Battle: The Perennial Struggle for Teens—and Their Parents over the Need to Read

What We’re All About as a Team of Educational Consultants

ACT Trivia…That’s Not So Trivial

Choosing a College: The “Hunt” Starts Earlier!

Changes to Boston University admission requirements for 2013

The colleges are coming! The colleges are coming!

What If You Receive a Deferral?

Devil In This Detail, Too (How to show demonstrated interest in your college of choice)

A message from Jeanne Allen, President of The Center for Education Reform

Financial Aid - What you need to know!

University of Florida expands its capacity through Innovation Academy

Are you going to apply for the State’s Bright Futures Scholarship money? Beware of the new math requirements!

Applying Early? Know What You’re Getting Into!

Why This School? How to respond to a common application essay question.

Where to find your college applications:

Florida Virtual School Goes Extracurricular!

Writing Your College Application Essay: Do’s & Don’ts

The first F in “FAFSA” stands for “free!”

Effective July 1, 2011: FAFSA Required for Florida Bright Futures!

The Admissions Möbius Strip: Getting Nowhere Fast, or How to Avoid an Admissions Crisis

All that Glitters: Avoiding the Surprise of Place in College Visits

Are You a Soprano? A Tenor? Finding Your Voice for the College Essay

Green Building, Green Outlook, Green Outreach

College Application Season is Quickly Approaching: Things you should know!

Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Penn and Stanford host Information Sessions in Palm Beach and Broward Counties


Princeton & Harvard Reinstate Early Admission

Our recent webinars/presentations

Lowering Your Anxiety Level when You Take the SAT or ACT

When to start prepping for the SAT & ACT

Deadline for Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the end of January! Time to Act!

Need a scholarship, but not sure where to look?

10 Tedx Talks that Teachers Should Watch

The Teen Rules For Technology in Our Society

National Merit Cutoff Score for the Class of 2008

South Florida community colleges face overload

Broward School District Lays off 400 teachers

The SAT Essay

Looking for a strong financial aid package for college?

Test Prep, to What End?

Summertime is the perfect season for improving your SAT results.

Competing Party Scool Rankings

Interesting NYT article

SATT Featured in the Sun Sentinel

Acceptances for the class of 2009!

SAT “Score Choice”

The New SAT Score Policy: Tiny Loophole, Big Shock?

Giving Choice and Taking It Away

Interesting Articles

Tough Times Strain Colleges, Rich and Poor

The declining market and college admissions

How important is the SAT?

The Economic Value of Test Prep

The SAT/ACT are here to stay!

Facing Up to FaceBook

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