ACT Mutations?

Posted on May 6, 2015 12:00:00 AM

Mutation - Score At The Top 

We’ve gotten some interesting feedback from students who just took the April 2015 ACT.

We hope to determine for certain whether these reported changes are “permanent” of simply aberrations of one sort or another. Here goes:

In the past there have been three different types of passages in the ACT Science Reasoning section...

  • 3 Data Representation passages with 5 questions each
  • 3 Research Summaries passages with 6 questions each
  • 1 Conflicting Viewpoints passage with 7 questions

On the April exam, there were two 6-question passages and four 7-question passages. Thus it seems that the content of the Science Reasoning section represents a fundamental change in structure.

In the past, the ACT Reading section has included four “single” reading selections, each with 10 questions. However, over the last several months, ACT has changed one of the four selections into a “double passage,” which means the selection comprises two shorter, related reading passages. Each of its ten questions asks about one passage or the other, or about comparing and contrasting both together. It’s interesting to note that the SAT has contained double passages for about ten years now.

We’ll know more very soon! Stay tuned to Score At the Top’s blog for more details.

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