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Is Test Optional for You?

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More Advice for New College Freshmen and Their Parents

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2019 1:53:39 PM

In our May 28th blog post titled “On Your Way to College? 9 Important Things for New Freshmen and Their Parents,” we recommended several “must have/take with” items for the move from home life and dorm life. A recent post on grown&flown suggested – based on parents’ feedback – other things that could well come in handy, so we’re supplementing our list with what we think are grown&flown’s best ideas of things to have to make the transition an easier one.

Ikea Storage Bags (pictured below) are lightweight, durable, and easy to stack in a car. They can be used for under bed storage, function as a laundry bag, or be folded and used at the time of move-out next spring.

storage bag

A surge protector: Some schools don’t allow extension cords. The surge protector pictured below has a 6 foot cord, 12 outlets and 2 USB ports, and it could come in super-handy.

surge protector

A fan: Some dorms aren’t air conditioned at all, the air conditioning in others leaves lots to be desired, and it can be sweltering in August even in the more northern climes. 

a fan

Command Strips: Use them for mounting things on walls and doors. They’re easy to remove and don’t damage walls. Some schools might not allow holes to be made in walls or doors, and some wall and door surfaces make nailing into them very difficult, if not impossible.

command strips

A door stopper: Propping your dorm room door open will make moving stuff in ever so much easier, and one could come in handy for who knows what as the school year goes one. The type pictured below comes with a holder than can be attached with Velcro to the back of the door so that it’s out of the way, but always where it needs to be.

doot stopper

Cleaning supplies: Clorox disinfecting wipes, a roll or two of paper towels, some trash bags, a room deodorizer, and shelf liners — it’s better to have ’em and not need ‘em than it is to need ‘em and not have ’em.

cleaning supplies

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