Teens in Crisis, Desperate Parents, Wilderness Programs, and Therapeutic Schools

Last Updated: Sep 8, 2019 8:01:00 AM

two person's armsWhat are parents to do when they’re tried everything – but nothing’s worked – and they’re at their wit’s end because their children are involved with drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety, school refusal, defiance, promiscuity, cutting, and/or serious eating disorders, among others?

While they’re very expensive, wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools are places to which such parents can turn, and in a recent interview on the Tests and the Rest College Admissions Industry Podcast, Jason Robinovitz (COO & Educational Consultant at Score) answered a full gamut of questions in explaining

  • what kind of students and families need those interventions,
  • what happens in wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools,
  • the goals of wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools,
  • what parts parents play in those interventions, and
  • how the experienced educational consultants at Score At The Top can assist parents and students before and after those interventions.

You can access that very informative podcast via this link.

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