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Colleges That Have Gone Test Optional as Result of the Coronavirus 

Posted on Jun 13, 2020 10:24:57 AM

Some colleges have decided to waive their admission requirement to submit SAT/ACT test scores. For most of these colleges, the new policies will go into effect for the 2020–21 admission cycle and be re-evaluated after the close of admission cycle to determine whether to extend the policies or not. Here’s a list of the more selective colleges that have recently transitioned to test-optional:

Adelphi (1 year)
Amherst (1 year)
Babson (1 year)
BU (1 year)
California State University System (1 year)
CalTech (2 years) – test blind
Carnegie Mellon (1 year)
Case Western (1 year)
Centre College (3 years)
Claremont McKenna (1 year)
Colgate (1 year)
College of Wooster
Columbia University (1 year)
Cooper Union (2 years)
Dartmouth (1 year)
Davidson (3 year pilot)
Elon (3 years)
Emory & Oxford of Emory (1 year)
Fordham (2 years)
Georgetown (1 year: Students who are not able to submit scores from either test due to the COVID-19 pandemic are welcome to apply for admission to the Class of 2025 without the tests)
Grinnell (1 year)
Hamilton (1 year*)
Harvard (1 year) -- will accepts scores as late as the February ACT
Harvey Mudd (2 years)
Haverford (3 year pilot)
Johns Hopkins (1 year)
Lehigh (1 year)
Loyola Marymount (1 year)
Loyola New Orleans – test blind
Mercer University (3-year pilot)
Michigan State (1 year)
Middlebury (3 years*)
Northeastern (1 year)
Northwestern (1 year)
NYIT (1 year)
Oberlin (3 years)
Olin College of Engineering (1 year)
Penn State (1 year) – required for certain majors
Pomona College (1 year)
Princeton (1 year)
Rensselaer (1 year)
Rhodes (3 years)
Rochester Institute of Technology (extended it from just the College of Liberal Arts)
Santa Clara (1 year)
Southern Methodist University (1 year)
Stanford (1 year)
Stevens Institute of Technology (1 year)
SUNY University System (1 year)
Swarthmore (2 years)
Syracuse (1 year)
Texas A&M (1 year)
Texas Christian University (1 year)
The College of New Jersey (3-year pilot)
The Ohio State University (1 year)
Trinity University (3 years)
Tufts (3 years)
Tulane (1 year) – but if you want their full merit, send scores!
U California system (with eventual test-blind for CA residents)
U Delaware (1 year) (extended from in-state to all)
U Illinois (1 year)
U Miami (1 year)
UNLV (1 year)
U Oregon
U Richmond (1 year)
U San Diego
U Southern California (1 year)
U Utah (2 years)
UVA (1 year) – also pushed back ED to Nov 1
U Washington (1 year)
Vassar (1 year)
Villanova (1 year)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1 year)
Wellesley (1 year)
William & Mary (3 years)
Williams (1 year)

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