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Is Test Optional for You?

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To Résumé or Not to Résumé for College Applications? That is the Question!

Last Updated: Oct 1, 2019 2:32:12 PM

silver MacBook beside space gray iPhone 6 and clear drinking glass on brown wooden topAnd the answer is: Résumé.

Here’s why:

Of the 800+ colleges that accept the Common Application, more than 275 (around one-third) have offered students the opportunity to upload their résumé. And that’s just for the Common App! The total number of colleges that will accept a résumé as part of an application is undoubtedly higher.

Why is a résumé so important? College admissions is holistic, and, beyond your “data” (academic record and test scores), it’s your “voice” − who you are as a person − that really differentiate you from the rest of the applicant pool. How is your “voice” conveyed? Through your essay; your teacher, counselor, and other recommendations; and your presentation of extracurricular commitments. While virtually all applications have an activities page, it provides precious little room for you to sufficiently elaborate on your activities and interests. So, to present yourself in the most compelling way, you need a résumé to highlight your commitments, emphasizing your leadership, creativity, initiative, impact, and personal takeaways. In fact, once you’ve created a résumé, you’ll use it to guide your completion of the activities section of an application in a way that provides a fuller picture of yourself. 

Here are some equally important benefits: creating a good résumé can provide your recommenders with information to remind them of your accomplishments, thus leading to stronger recommendations. You can also bring your résumé to an alumni interview to better steer the conversation toward topics that will make you shine. In addition, some scholarship applications require a résumé. And let’s move beyond the college application to the time later in college when a résumé is required for a job, an internship, a research opportunity…and graduate school. If you’ve created a résumé to submit with your college applications and kept it up-to-date afterwards – adding new activities and experiences, and removing those that are no longer germane, you’ll always be ready to apply for those special opportunities.

And it’s not as though preparing a résumé is overly time-consuming. We know that’s so because we’ve assisted thousands of college applicants in creating sparkling resumes that best express their commitment to enriching their communities through their actions, and that highlight their most impactful achievements.

Your résumé is a marketing tool, and the end-recipients − the application readers − are your prospective customers. Contact us today so we can help you create a top-notch one that will help you close the sale.

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