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AP, IB, and AICE Programs: A Brief Comparison (Part 4)

Last Updated by Judi Robinovitz on February 2, 2015


In this final post, we offer a few thoughts by way of comparing and contrasting AP, IB and AICE.


So how does AICE compare with IB and AP? All three programs are well established in high schools and recognized by universities around the country. Both AICE (AS and A Level) and IB are accepted at universities around the world, too. The main difference between AICE and IB is the flexibility of the AICE Diploma. Students have the freedom to create their own educational experience within the three AICE curriculum areas. We feel that AICE combines the best of both AP and IB in that students can pick and choose what courses they want but still earn an internationally-recognized diploma.

Topics: AP Exams, Common Application, Test-Prep, ib

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Topics: AP Exams, Common Application, Test-Prep, ib