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Better Returns than Buffet's: The Bright Futures Scholarship

Last Updated on Feb 22, 2021 2:00:00 AM

We understand that Return On Investment can go hand-in-hand with risk: no pain, no gain. But how would you respond to a proposed investment of $2,000 that could result in saving between $7,392 (a 370% return on your money) and $28,416 (a 1,421% return on your money) over roughly four years? While this investment isn’t risk-free, it is low risk, assuming you have a student willing to work hard and follow instruction. Simply put, this investment is in test preparation for the SAT and ACT! When paired with a motivated student (and the right test-prep tutor), the result is a hefty scholarship from Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarships (BFSs).

Topics: ACT/SAT, Test-Prep, Financial Aid, Investment

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Topics: ACT/SAT, Test-Prep, Financial Aid, Investment

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