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Developing Reading Skills In Teens

Last Updated on Mar 20, 2012 10:39:00 AM

We’ve been telling parents and students for years that there’s no more important “academic” habit to develop than reading. Just the other day my wife was bemoaning the fact that a significant number of employees (managers and associates) in her national company are poor readers at best. The effects are discouraging in the workplace, and some schools are not holding out much hope to remedy the situation. For many high school students, reading is time-consuming. Parents today still find it difficult to place themselves in the shoes of a teen who is distracted beyond our understanding and experience by the continuous static of tweets and texts. Everything is “now.” Nothing will wait. Reading is a drag. Many parents are so old school—literally.

Topics: Study Tips, Test-Prep, College Planning

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Topics: Study Tips, Test-Prep, College Planning

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