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The SAT Redesign (first test in March, 2016)

Last Updated on May 16, 2014 1:52:00 PM

The New SAT will require similar skills, and test similar content to that of the ACT and the current SAT. Many of the changes to the new SAT’s format will make it look something like the ACT, but the SAT will remain at heart a reasoning test. Among the biggest changes to the SAT are the sharper focus on critical thinking and real-world problems, a new scoring system, and a major change to the essay. In the end, the new test will emphasize problem-solving and understanding context. Compared to the SAT, the ACT will remain more of an achievement test, where broad knowledge of many concepts, testing speed, and endurance will rule the day.

Topics: Test Scores, Test-Prep, SAT

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Topics: Test Scores, Test-Prep, SAT

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