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“My Kid’s Been Cheating? No Way!”…But What If It’s True?

Last Updated by Jason Robinovitz on June 15, 2021

Based on our personal and corporate experiences, the data, and published statements from students, it’s highly likely that the correct answer is that more students are cheating than we realize. The perfect crime needs motive, means, and opportunity, and there’s never been a more perfect confluence of the three relatives to cheating, thanks to COVID-19.

More often than ever before, students are learning at home – without proper supervision. This is one of the biggest reasons why students cheat on exams, especially digital tests.

The answer to “So, what?” is that the act of cheating raises important issues for students, the vast majority of whom will be back in classroom environments next fall and no longer able to use the opportunities for cheating in online testing environments.

Topics: Cheating, Virtual School

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Topics: Cheating, Virtual School