Support for the Virtual School Year

Support for the Virtual School Year

Virtual school is hard! Let us help make it easier!

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Options for 2020-2021

Options for 2020-2021

Score Academy has you covered this school year!

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Is Test Optional for You?

Is Test Optional for You?

While ½ of America’s universities have gone test optional, the issue is far more complex than it seems.

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$99 Essay Review Special

$99 Essay Review Special

The college application essay is considered one of the MOST IMPORTANT factors in college admissions.

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Boarding School

Boarding School Planning & Placement

If your local schools don’t meet your child’s needs, you may want to consider a boarding school where your child can flourish academically and socially. With hundreds of accredited boarding schools throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe, selecting the right one can be daunting. Few parents have the resources needed to identify the best choices.

That's where the specialty services of Judi Robinovitz Associates play a pivotal role. Judi and her staff of educational consultants offer a high level of personalized counseling to students and families, helping them choose and apply to the “best fit” boarding schools.

Because Judi travels across the county to visit several boarding schools every year – meeting with admission officers and students, touring campuses, and learning about the current campus culture – her personal insight provides a family with a much deeper understanding of each school than a boarding-school viewbook or website can convey. And her personal relationships with admission directors facilitate her presentation and discussion of a student before submission of an application.

A Full Range of Services

Judi’s expertise puts a student ahead of the pack with cutting-edge advice on how to stand out during the boarding-school application process. Her counseling includes a full range of services:

    • Consultations with and support for the family throughout the planning process, and for the entire term of placement in boarding school
  • Complete student evaluation (academic records, student’s activities and interests, strengths and weaknesses, goals, psycho-educational evaluation if applicable)
  • Identifying the boarding schools where the student will be most successful in terms of academics, special interest activities, personal growth, religion, location, and student body size
  • Creating a profile of the student for presentation to boarding-school admission directors for pre-screening, thus expediting a successful placement
  • Providing the student and parents with information about each selected boarding school
  • Preparing a student and parents to make the most of boarding-school visits and interviews; debriefing after school visits
  • Assistance with application essays (from brainstorming ideas to editorial reviews of each draft and the final essays)
  • Thorough boarding-school application review
  • Communicating with school admission directors throughout the planning and application process
  • Review of student’s academic progress throughout the term of placement, on a schedule consistent with the boarding school’s policies for consultant communications
  • Remaining in the "loop" with the family and boarding school throughout the term of placement (e.g., advocating for the student, working as part of a team to resolve problems that may arise)

We also offer the best in 1-on-1 SSAT and ISEE preparation as well as the opportunity to take the official SSAT privately (SSAT Flex Test) at any Score At The Top Learning Center & School.

Our families continually tell us about the two things we do best:

  • We reduce the stress of boarding school planning.
  • We give their children an edge.

Comprehensive or Hourly Consultation

Virtually all aspects of our comprehensive boarding school services are available on an hourly basis. This way, a family can work with us as much or as little as needed, targeting only those aspects of the process requiring our support.

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