Support for the Virtual School Year

Support for the Virtual School Year

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Options for 2020-2021

Options for 2020-2021

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Is Test Optional for You?

Is Test Optional for You?

While ½ of America’s universities have gone test optional, the issue is far more complex than it seems.

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$99 Essay Review Special

$99 Essay Review Special

The college application essay is considered one of the MOST IMPORTANT factors in college admissions.

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Comprehensive College Guidance and Planning

Get started early to help position your student for success—in high school as well as in college admissions!

building a college list

Starting Early: A Progression of Services

woman wearing blue denim jacket holding bookGetting started with college planning as early as the freshman or sophomore year (or even in middle school) is an ideal way for us to help position a student for success – in high school as well as in college admissions! Even if a student begins to prepare for a college with us in the junior or senior year, we’ll maximize the student’s high school experience, both academic and extracurricular, giving a student more of a competitive edge when applying to college. Our comprehensive services ensure that a student’s academic and extracurricular programs lead to a successful college application process. We strongly recommend beginning as soon as possible, so that by the spring semester of the junior year (when most high school counselors are only just beginning college planning) a concrete plan is already in place.

Regardless of when you start college planning with us, you’ll meet regularly with our founder, Judi Robinovitz, Certified Educational Planner. She begins by giving a family a clear understanding of how colleges make decisions – and develops an action plan to help the student improve his or her chances for admission. Here’s what you can expect:

Early Planning and Guidance to Enrich a Student’s Life and…

  • Create a plan for all remaining years of high school course work
  • Pinpoint any academic weaknesses and make suggestions for improvement
  • Consider academic enrichment and courses for credit beyond the regular school day
  • Recommend extracurricular activities that help a student find his or her passion
  • Shape a student’s outside interests in creative ways to provide a clear focus on the future
  • Collaborate with a student to plan and implement a unique extracurricular project to showcase initiative, leadership, interests, organization skills, and community impact
  • Identify meaningful, productive summer opportunities that support college and career goals
  • Formulate a resume to complement college applications; to help ensure the best letters of recommendation; to supplement alumni interviews; and to apply for summer programs, jobs, internships, honor societies, and scholarships


  • calendar banner - rawpixel-633847-unsplashOrganize a long-range testing calendar and tutoring plan and preparation for the PSAT, SAT, Subject Tests, ACT, and AP exams
  • Identify college visits that will help fine tune the college list, clarify college goals, and improve chances for admission
  • Prepare a family to glean the most from each college visit

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The Last Two Years of High School

During a student’s junior and senior years, we focus on the “college list,” the application process, and the most effective ways for a student to present himself or herself to colleges. Meeting with Judi for guidance and support, a student will get an individualized plan to help enrich his or her life and develop a competitive edge when preparing for college admission. Here’s what we’ll do:

Academic Assessment

  • Evaluate and interpret a student’s academic record from the perspective of a college admissions committee
  • Pinpoint academic areas where a student will benefit from additional support, and implement new study methods to help a student achieve greater academic success
  • Select remaining high school courses which will provide a fulfilling schedule of challenging and exciting classes

Extracurricular Enhancement

  • soup kitchen - victoria-kubiaki-1402284-unsplashEvaluate and help shape a student’s extracurricular activities that highlight passion, meaningful commitment, and impact
  • Identify leadership roles and unique opportunities to enrich a student’s life and help the student stand out in the college application process
  • Collaborate with a student to plan and implement a unique extracurricular project to showcase initiative, leadership, interests, organization skills, and community impact
  • Create a résumé to showcase student achievements (submitted with college applications, given to teachers and guidance counselor to help ensure more personalized recommendations, shared with interviewers, submitted for honor society selection and scholarship consideration)
  • Recommend summer activities that focus on a student’s future and enhance his or her college admissions profile

Application Savvy

  • Formulate an overall strategy for college applications
  • Create tools to help a student and parents effectively manage each college’s requirements and deadlines
  • Discuss the benefits of early decision, early action, and rolling admissions

College List

  • Evaluate a student’s academic and career goals
  • Develop college specifications focused on academic environment, college size, location, social life, special interests, finances, religion – and much more
  • Build a well-balanced list of “best-fit” colleges
  • Provide a list of informative resources to help a student research colleges
  • Create a college-visit plan

Testing Calendar

  • Establish a testing schedule and tutoring plan for SAT, Subject Tests, and ACT based on a student’s previous test scores and college goals

Letters of Recommendation

  • Identify the junior-year teachers a student will ask for college recommendations
  • Explain techniques to help ensure getting the best possible recommendations

Interview Preparation

  • Prepare a student for on-campus and alumni interviews as well as local meetings with admissions officers
  • Role-play to ensure a great interview every time

Essay Advising

  • typewriter - rawpixel-623442-unsplashBrainstorm ideas
  • Serve as a sounding board for preliminary drafts
  • Review each draft until an essay is finalized – and sparkles

Application Review

  • Provide feedback to strengthen the application
  • Help a student appear in the best possible light
  • Ensure thematic consistency between application, essays, and résumé

Overview of Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Discuss the financial aid process
  • Review some key financial aid strategies
  • Identify the best resources for researching scholarships

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