SSAT Flex Test

Take an official SSAT at Score At The Top!

Students can take the SSAT Flex Test at Score At The Top in addition to, or as an alternative to, the nationally-scheduled test administrations.

Would you like your child to take an official SSAT in a private, distraction-free setting, one which is likely to reduce text anxiety? Consider Score At The Top! As an authorized test center, we administer the “Flex Test” – testing on a date and at a time that’s flexible enough for your child and you at almost any time throughout the year. Call one of our learning centers to make an appointment to take the SSAT with us – and even to study for it with one of our test-prep tutors.

By taking the SSAT Flex Test in private, comfortable, and familiar surroundings, students tend to score higher than they would during a national administration!

Can students receive accommodations for an SSAT Flex Test?

Yes, students who can provide school documentation that verifies that they routinely receive special accommodations in their current school may apply for similar accommodations for an SSAT Flex Test. This must be approved in writing through SSAT prior to the test administration.

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