What to do at Holiday Time

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2015 12:00:00 AM

What To Do Tips For Holiday Time

And while you’re on vacation from school…

Downtime, soon! We at Score At The Top take a bit of a breather, too, but not because we’re closed for a week or two. Our holiday-season doors open to students who brush up, charge ahead, or prep for something upcoming. Every day of the week. Yes, we’ll be here for that. However…

We also have some ideas about what a curious and thoughtful student might do over the break period. Here’s a basketful of eclectic ideas:

  • Look for summer internships/camps/work
  • Volunteer (volunteermatch.com)
  • Go to a foreign film
  • Try a new type of cuisine, or even…
  • Cook something you’ve never cooked before, and serve it to your family (buy insurance first)
  • Visit a college of interest
  • Interview an older family member or shadow someone at work
  • Visit the Norton Museum, West Palm Beach
  • Attend a presentation or concert sponsored by Society of the 4 Arts, Palm Beach
  • With a friend, collect as many different types of seashells, seaweed, or tree leaf types as you can find in three hours
  • Watch all the Star Wars episodes without a break, or, watch the old black and white movie One Touch of Venus
  • Drive to the central peninsula on a clear night and look for the Milky Way
  • Purchase a harmonica or a recorder, and make music
  • Breathe deeply

An Early-ish Happy New Year to All!


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