Our tutoring services in Florida aren’t about passing: they’re about mastery

We focus on instilling students with a love of learning and inspire them to score at the top of their potential.

Score At The Top's Academic Tutoring Centers in Florida

Learning in today’s competitive environment can be challenging at nearly every level of education. From K-12 to college, Score At The Top Learning Centers offer tutoring solutions that allow students to not just pass subjects, but to master them.

Flexible Options for Study Location

Our academic tutoring centers are located across Florida—in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Wellington, and Weston. We, however, offer flexible options for the location of sessions: student’s home, private tutoring rooms in our Learning Centers, or live sessions via the Internet. The choice is yours and we can adapt to your lifestyle.

Tutoring Sessions for Students with Unique Lifestyles

Speaking of lifestyle, we understand that many students fall behind academically because of their extra-curricular activities. Fortunately, our tutoring programs can cater to your child’s hectic schedule. Whether your child is an athlete or equestrian, they can immediately catch up on their readings and assignments through the guidance of our tutors. With our continual support, we can even help them master their subjects and get ahead of their class.

Mastery for Students with Learning and Attention Issues

Mastery of math, science, or language is more challenging if the child has a learning disability or an attention deficit. For the past years, we have worked with hundreds of students with different learning and attention problems. Through our personalized, strategic, and supportive tutoring programs, our students with dyslexia, LDD, or ADHD have overcome their challenges. Some of them are now enrolled in top-tier universities, while others continue to show improvement in their classes.

No matter what your child’s academic needs are, you can count on us to make a difference in their education. After all, whether you choose to send your child to our tutoring center in Florida or ask our tutor to travel to your home, we assure you that we will provide an excellent, interactive tutoring program for your child, which includes these benefits:

  • Tutoring is tailored to each student’s individual needs and school curriculum
  • We blend study skills into all tutoring sessions
  • Students are carefully matched to tutors to promote effective learning and mentoring
  • Our tutors will email session summary reports detailing progress after every tutoring session, as we understand that both our communication and collaboration with the parents are essential to the process.

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Tutoring with Score At The Top

"This school has changed our daughter's life. For the first time, she likes school. She gets good grades and is treated /educated as an individual. Her instructors are brilliant at what they do, and I can say honestly we have never experienced such a dedicated, smart and genuinely caring staff anywhere else."

- Tiffany Holley


"Score At The Top has offered my daughter high quality tutoring in her most challenging classes. She is enjoying going and it has helped her achieve high test scores. I highly recommend them."

- Dr. AnnMarie Semich


"My daughter had problems in middle and high school, and, thankfully, Mrs. Yungling has helped her with her studies. Now she has stellar grades in all her classes. We count on her to help us through the next year."

- Nicole Aponte


Could Your Student's Grades Improve In 1 Month?

Yes. Absolutely! And it starts here:

Download our free checklist and see how easy it can for your student to master the 10 most valuable study skills like:

  • Better Time Management Practices
  • Efficient Note-Taking Strategies
  • Testing Tactics to Maximize Scores
  • Much more!

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Our tutoring centers offer a host of programs to suit almost any need.

Academic Tutoring

Is your student falling behind? Or perhaps she wants to get ahead? At Score At The Top, miraculous turnarounds happen every day. Our expert academic tutoring programs provide students all of the tools they need to succeed. As a professional academic tutoring company, we combine three essential elements to achieve success: academic expertise, engaging professional tutors, and encouragement.

Academic Tutoring Services:

Study Skills

Study skills are essential building blocks for learning, skills that students need to “wake up,” become engaged in learning, and build self-confidence. For students who have historically struggled in school, study skills help them get organized, study smarter, and take control of their own learning so they can achieve success in school and beyond.

Organization Skills

Let us use our expertise in time management and organization to create a personalized Total Organization & Planning for Students routine for your child. Our goal: to provide your child with the tools needed to become an independent learner with a well-balanced school and social life.

Courses for Credit

Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) and AdvancED, Score Academy offers students individual courses for credit in a 1-on-1 or small group setting. Our programs cover all grades and subjects, including remedial, regular, honors, and AP (Advanced Placement) courses. Our curriculum and staff have been AP certified by the College Board, enabling us to offer the full range of AP courses. In addition, the NCAA Eligibility Center accepts our core academic courses, allowing athletes to incorporate these grades into their eligibility GPA.


Do you or someone you know need to gain proficiency in English? At Score At The Top, our 1-on-1 instruction makes learning English easy and enjoyable. Our multilingual staff members bring warmth, caring, and encouragement to adult learners, teens, college students, equestrians, business executives, and professionals who want to improve their English fluency.

Tutoring for Equestrians

Score At The Top in Wellington offers flexible scheduling and individualized academic support. Riders follow a program to meet and exceed expectations of their hometown school teachers. And our SACS-AdvancED accreditation ensures the quality of Score At The Top’s educational experience.

Tutoring for Athletes

Excelling at sports requires years of strengthening and maintaining basic skills necessary for success. No parent should expect a child to pick up a ball and become a starting-team star. Academics are no different. Without training and mentoring, many students with genuine ability fumble along without reaching their goals. Score At The Top tutors are committed to helping every athlete achieve maximum potential.

LD & ADD/ADHD Support

A learning disability or attention deficit (ADD/ADHD) impacts how a student processes information, affecting organization, retention, and expression. The skilled tutors at Score At The Top can help that student with a learning disability or attention deficit to master academic subjects, learn coping strategies and compensatory skills, become better organized, and build confidence. We have worked with hundreds of students with a wide variety of learning and attention issues, successfully helping them to score at the top of their potential.

Homeschool Support

For families who homeschool their children, Score At The Top provides 1-on-1 support for Florida Virtual School and all other distance-learning or homeschooling programs in Florida. If you use your own curriculum, we are here to help you plan it, or to supplement your teaching on an as-needed basis.

Virtual Learning

If you live too far from one of our Learning Centers (even outside the USA) and want the best ever academic tutoring in any school subject, test prep for a standardized test (SAT, Subject Tests, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, AP, and more), one course or a complete curriculum for academic credit, we can still help! Score At The Top offers virtual tutoring and teaching services. You and your tutor or teacher meet for live sessions over the Internet, where today’s savvy students feel right at home with our virtual learning sessions!

Our Tutors

We are degreed professionals with extensive subject knowledge and significant teaching or tutoring experience. We possess a passion for teaching coupled with a thorough understanding of our subjects, expert study skills, and effective communication skills.