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About Score at the Top Learning Center in Wellington

Serving many large public schools and a host of private schools in the area, our learning center is a key addition to the community’s educational landscape. During the “equestrian months,” our space is overflowing with students who have traveled far and wide to compete in the country’s largest showgrounds during the Winter Equestrian Festival. In addition to our local and equestrian clientele, the Wellington learning center supports athletes across the sports spectrum, including tennis players, golfers, hockey players, water skiers, dancers, and figure skaters. 

Students often enjoy a tutoring session, class, or even sharing a snack with friends on our outdoor patio.  The tables are equipped with large umbrellas to shield out  the sun.

Conveniently located on State Rte. 441, around the corner from the WEF showgrounds and less than 1 mile from The Mall at Wellington Green, we are surrounded by many excellent eateries, you can run all your errands or grab a bite to eat while your kids receive exceptional tutoring.


1035 State Road 7
Suite 118
Wellington, FL 33414

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Private Tutoring and Test Prep in Wellington

Wellington Private Tutoring – All Subjects, All Levels

Staying competitive in today’s academic environment can be a challenge. Time and time again, we see incredibly bright students struggle to achieve their best in the traditional academic environment. We know how to respond.

At Score At The Top Wellington, we fully understand how  students learn in their own way and need an educational program that meets them in the middle. Furthermore, every student has a unique background, schedule, and approach to academics. For those struggling to relate with the traditional template of education, we offer top-to-bottom academic tutoring programs designed to accommodate each student individually. Wellington tutoring sessions can take place in a student’s home, online, or at the Wellington Learning Center – whichever works best for student and family.

Math Tutoring Services

Math tutors in Wellington will help with homework, clarify classroom lessons, and provide students with the individualized, specialized instruction they need to improve their grades and move ahead of their peers. Subjects include arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra I & II, geometry, integrated math, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, honors math courses and advanced college-level math courses.

Science Tutoring Services

Our science tutors in Wellington have practical scientific experience enabling them to communicate complicated topics with ease and enthusiasm. Subjects include general science, earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, marine biology, environmental science, anatomy, physiology, honors science courses, advanced college-level science courses.

English Tutoring Services

Great writing, grammar, and vocabulary development are our passion at Wellington – and we know how to make them fun for students. English tutoring at Score At The Top Wellington includes writing, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and literary analysis.

Foreign Language Tutoring Services

Pronunciation, idioms, inflections, conjugations - these and many more facets of complete language learning are the focus of our one-on-one tutoring in Wellington. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are the four pillars of instruction.  We offer  French, German, Hebrew, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.

Social Science/History Tutoring Services

Our tutors help make history come alive! We have extensive experience working with students in every area of history, including but not limited to: civics, US History, European History, and World History. Further, we work with students enrolled in both honors,  AP, and AICE classes. Finally, in addition to history, our social studies tutors have worked with students in government, macroeconomics, microeconomic, and psychology. 


Preparing for the SATshould not be taken lightly. A student’s score on this exam reflects a comprehensive view of what they have learned throughout their K-12 career. Colleges and universities use the results as a deciding factor in who they accept into their programs. With this in mind, it’s vitally important that students do well and showcase their college readiness in the best possible light.

Our renowned SAT & PSAT prep classes have been  created by our Founder Judi Robinovitz. Judi spent many years with Educational Testing Services, so she has a detailed understanding of the SATs and what it takes to do well. Through Score At The Top Wellington, students will receive versatile test prep sessions that can be specially designed to incorporate the best learning environment: 1-on-1 meetings, semi-private classes, or small group sessions. In this robust test prep program, all students can expect to:

  • Pick up reading strategies designed to improve comprehension.
  • Work on perfecting grammar and expanding vocabulary.
  • Learn math and problem solving shortcuts for better time management.
  • Sharpen skills in basic algebra and geometry.
  • Practice professional writing techniques to score  well on the SAT essay.
  • Work on the effective test-taking strategies presented in  our SAT workbook.

ACT Prep

As with the the SAT, a student’s score on the ACT strongly reflects their K-12 career and how ready they are for college. Colleges and universities view this test as one of the key benchmarks for choosing whom  to accept because results predict success in their curriculums. This comprehensive exam covers five core areas including: English, Science, Math, Reading, and Writing. Knowing what to expect on the ACT and practicing is crucial for doing well. At Score At The Top Wellington, students can elect to have private ACT tutoring in a 1-on-1 session, semi-private classes, or in a small group. Within this program, students will receive:

  • Individualized attention.
  • Customizable sessions designed to meet their needs.
  • Practice to improve grammar and expand vocabulary.
  • Understanding of scientific reasoning concepts.
  • New approaches and strategies to mathematical problem solving and time management.
  • Strong focus on turning weaknesses into strengths.
  • Confidence building.
  • Education of the best test-taking strategies with our prized ACT workbook.
  • Training with real ACT tests.

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Dr. AnnMarie Semich

"Score At The Top has offered my daughter high quality tutoring in her most challenging classes. She is enjoying going and it has helped her achieve high test scores. I highly recommend them."


Nicole Aponte

"My daughter had problems in middle and high school, and, thankfully, Mrs. Yungling has helped her with her studies. Now she has stellar grades in all her classes. We count on her to help us through the next year."

Darcy Ploof

Darcy Ploof

"Score at the Top has an incredible team of tutors and staff. They are first class and are a professional organization and understand how students learn best. Our experience working with them for this past year has been wonderful and our son has received straight A's because of their teaching and guidance. I would highly recommend Score at the Top for any of your educational needs."

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