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About Palm Beach Gardens Learning Center and School

Score At the Top Palm Beach Gardens serves students and families with varying backgrounds, from those with learning/processing disorders, to those with ADD/ADHD, to athletes, to students from other countries visiting, and the list goes on. We personalize every students' experience to create a custom-fit in our family atmosphere. We have specialists in reading and math, as well as seasoned AP teachers with high pass rates. PBG feels like home! As well as offering private school options, we offer tutoring, test prep, Courses for Credit and College counseling.

Located just east of the PGA Blvd exit off of I95, the PBG location is at the center of it all. Just minutes from Legacy Place, the Gardens Mall, and Downtown at the Gardens, it’s easy to find something to do while your student meets with his/her tutor.

Palm Beach Gardens Learning Center Services

Tutoring – All Subjects, All Levels

The tutoring solutions we offer through Score At The Top’s Palm Beach Gardens program work to accommodate students from all backgrounds, situations, and approaches to learning. We fully understand that each student learns in their own way and the traditional academic setting might not be ideal to reach full potential. Our primary goal is to build a versatile learning program that can be molded to fit the individual needs and schedule restrictions of every student. All Palm Beach Gardens students and families who work with Score At The Top get the luxury of choosing to have sessions take place in their own home, online, or at our local facility. Whatever their needs are, we will make it work.

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SAT scores play a huge role in determining a student’s next step upon completing their K-12 career. The results are used by schools across the country to gauge college readiness and decide who gets accepted. In many ways, a student’s SAT score influences how and where they gain the knowledge to launch their career and set up their adult life. That being said, students and families need to do everything they can to be successful.

Score At The Top offers a flexible and practical approach to prepare for the SATs and PSATs. Each program is designed by Judi Robinovitz, Founder of Score At The Top. Judi spent over two decades working with Educational Testing Services and has a very strong understanding of how to succeed on the SATs. Our SAT and PSAT program has earned a reputation for setting students up to handle this high-pressure test with ease. All students have the option to conduct their test prep online, in 1-on-1 sessions, semi-private classes, or in a small group. Throughout the duration of this test prep, students will:

  • Learn excellent reading strategies to maximize comprehension.
  • Improve grammar and expand vocabulary.
  • Pick up on smart math shortcuts for precise problem solving and effective time management.
  • Improve understanding of basic algebra and geometry.
  • Learn practical writing skills to perform well on SAT essay section.
  • Put newly-learned concepts to use on all-inclusive SAT workbooks.

Our program features:

  • 24 total hours of test prep for up to 8 weeks.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions.
  • 2 simulated testing sessions.
  • Timed and proctored testing sessions to mirror the actual SAT environment.
  • Maximum class sizes of 10-12 students.
  • Highly individualized sessions.
  • Make-ups available if needed.
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ACT Prep

Prepping for the exhaustive ACTs is a process that needs to be taken very seriously by both students and their families. The score a student receives more or less determines their options for colleges and universities. It is meant to gauge how ready a student is for higher education. The test itself covers all the major areas and competencies learned throughout K-12, including: English, Math, Science, Reading, and Writing. Knowing what to expect and how to develop good test taking strategies is crucial to the success of any student.

Palm Beach Gardens students and families have several options for ACT prep classes through Score At The Top. Just like our SAT & PSAT program, students can elect to have 1-on-1 sessions, semi-private classes, or small group sessions. Regardless of which option you choose; students will get hands-on experience practicing with real ACT tests. The primary goals of this test prep program are to:

  • Polish grammar skills and expand vocabulary.
  • Improve reading comprehension.
  • Learn worthwhile strategies to sharpen mathematical problem solving and time management skills.
  • Refine scientific reasoning skills and learn time-saving test strategies.
  • Familiarize with the ACT essay criteria and develop high-scoring writing skills.
  • Practice some of the best test-taking strategies with our comprehensive ACT workbook.

If students choose to do our ACT Workshop, the features of this program include:

  • 24 total hours of ACT prep for up to 8 weeks.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly classes.
  • 2 simulated test sessions.
  • Simulated tests are time and proctored to mimic the real test environment.
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College Guidance

The shift between high school and college is one of the biggest changes a young adult will experience. Moreover, this transformation happens in a VERY short period of time. As many surely know, the process of going off to college can be incredibly stressful – in addition to the extremely high price tag. Over the course of about three months, students are expected to go from high school to living on their own and making a huge investment in their future (while still in their teens). Failure to effectively prepare for this monumental chapter in life can have many negative consequences.

We strongly recommend that students begin thinking about college as early as freshman year. Starting college admissions counseling early on can do a lot to maximize the high school experience and develop a roadmap to give students a competitive edge when applying to college. Solidifying a plan for the remainder of high school can also help students gain scholarships to help set them up for success both during and after the college experience. Students in Palm Beach Gardens get access to Score At The Top’s extensive college preparation services with the goal of finalizing a plan by the spring semester of junior year.

All students and families have the opportunity to meet with Score At The Top’s Founder, Judi Robinovitz, to gain a true understanding of how colleges and universities make decisions and what can be done to improve the chances of acceptance. Within our college counseling program, students and families can expect to:

  • Formulate a realistic plan to maximize the remaining years of high school.
  • Identify academic weaknesses and work on a plan for improvement.
  • Look into academic enrichment courses and extracurricular activities to gain valuable credit outside of normal school hours.
  • Understand and prepare for the college interview process.
  • Draft and refine a resume to accompany college application.
  • Channel students’ interests towards a future focus.
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Private School

Score At The Top’s core forte is immersing students in 1-on-1 and/or small group sessions. Our undying goal is to understand the unique situation and schedule of each student while assessing their academic needs, personality, and learning styles. With this insight, we can create a customized curriculum to accommodate everyone individually. At our Palm Beach Gardens location, students get prime access to a number of skilled educators across an array of backgrounds. Each educator at Score At The Top is equipped to help students achieve success at every level including: honors, AP, remedial, and more.

Our facility offers ongoing courses throughout the year (including the summer) at all grade levels. Score At The Top’s far-reaching course catalog gives students the ability to explore all kinds of areas ranging from journalism to sports medicine to horticulture all the way to neuroscience – to name a handful. If you are in Palm Beach Gardens and are looking for an “academy near me”, Score At The Top is a valuable option where students can capitalize on their potential to the fullest extent.

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"This school has changed our daughter's life. For the first time, she likes school. She gets good grades and is treated /educated as an individual. Her instructors are brilliant at what they do, and I can say honestly we have never experienced such a dedicated, smart and genuinely caring staff anywhere else."

Tiffany Holley


"Score At The Top has offered my daughter high quality tutoring in her most challenging classes. She is enjoying going and it has helped her achieve high test scores. I highly recommend them."

Dr. AnnMarie Semich


"My daughter had problems in middle and high school, and, thankfully, Mrs. Yungling has helped her with her studies. Now she has stellar grades in all her classes. We count on her to help us through the next year."

Nicole Aponte

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