Homeschool Support

For families who homeschool their children, Score At The Top provides 1-on-1 support for Florida Virtual School and all other distance-learning or homeschooling programs in Florida. If you use your own curriculum, we are here to help you plan it, or to supplement your teaching on an as-needed basis.

Homeschooling support in Florida.

  • We’ll set up a course for your child in any subject where you need support – foreign language, higher math, science, literature, etc.
  • We can help your elementary school-aged child build a strong foundation for future learning, or guide your high school student through the college search and application process.
  • We provide proctoring for tests that a student takes to complete some homeschool curricula.

Score At The Top also offers a full-time 1-on-1 private school opportunity for families who would like us to do all the schooling. A student who takes advantage of our SACS-accredited 1-on-1 private school may register with the county as a homeschooler or enroll full-time at Score At The Top’s private school.

With such a wide range of teachers and services available, whatever your homeschool support needs are, we can find a way to fill them. Whether you need full-time homeschooling or part-time supplementary schooling in Florida, you’ll find our warm, distraction-free environment conducive to learning and rapid progress.

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