Our Philosophy

We strive to be the learning environment of choice.


To be the Learning Environment of Choice


To provide expert support and guidance to students, inspiring their intellectual curiosity, and motivating them to academic success

Core Values

We believe it is important:

  1. To provide expert tutoring and teaching
  2. To help students set and reach educational goals
  3. To create mentoring relationships with students that inspire learning
  4. To collaborate with parents in promoting their children's success
  5. To identify opportunities for students that enrich their extracurricular lives
  6. To continually assess staff to ensure their professional growth and ability to motivate students
  7. To remain focused on the delivery and improvement of quality educational services
Expectations for Students' Success
  1. Improvement in students’ academic performance and motivation
  2. Significant score gains on standardized admission tests
  3. Seizing opportunities for enrichment
  4. Achieving feelings of accomplishment
  5. Acceptances by students’ top-choice schools and colleges

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