Our Philosophy

Decades of private education leader

04921105 (2).jpgVision

To be the Learning Environment of Choice


To provide an individualized, relationship-driven education that inspires students to achieve their highest potential.

Core Values

These values inform our mission…

  1. Superlative one-on-one and small-group teaching
  2. Collaboration to reach educational goals
  3. Mentoring relationships with students that inspire learning
  4. Communication with parents that supports their children’s success
  5. Identification of extracurricular enrichment opportunities
  6. Continual professional growth that ensures our ability to motivate students
  7. Focus on the delivery and improvement of quality educational services

Expectations for Students' Success

  1. Improvement in students’ academic performance and motivation
  2. Seizing opportunities for enrichment
  3. Achieving feelings of accomplishment
  4. Acceptances by students’ top-choice schools and colleges
Score Academy focuses on student preparedness!