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Selecting a reputable math tutor near you is no easy task. We've done the hard work to find and hire the best tutors in the Wellington area. Our math instructors aren’t just qualified, they know how to connect with students to help them achieve their goals

We Tutor Students from the Following Schools in Wellington, FL

American HeritageSchools

Cardinal Newman High School

Emerald CoveMiddle School



Palm Beach CentralHigh School

Park VistaHigh School

Polo ParkMiddle School

RenaissanceCharter School

Seminole RidgeHigh School


SuncoastHigh School

WellingtonCommunity High

Wellington LandingsMiddle School

Western AcademyCharter School

We’re the Math Tutoring Company Wellington Students Trust

Score At The Top has been helping students in Wellington, FL improve their academic performance for over 30 years. We offer one-on-one sessions with highly qualified tutors who will work with you to develop new strategies and skills that will help you succeed.

We have helped hundreds of students achieve their academic dreams by providing one-on-one math tutoring, homework help, and test prep. Our tutoring students typically improve at least one letter grade with the help of our professional tutors and teachers. Contact us to start excelling in your math subjects today!

The Benefits of Working with a Score At The Top Math Tutor

Improving math grades and study skills is just a matter of time and patience. Working with the right tutor makes all the difference in the overall learning process. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with a Score At The Top Math Tutor in Wellington, FL.

customized learning

Individualized Learning

Our tutors tailor each session to your personal needs and learning pace.

Flexible Scheduling

Our tutors are available any time of day that works for your study schedule.
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We employ tutors who email you a progress report after every session.
Getting started is easy! Improve your math skills with a tutor in Wellington, FL.

Meet A Few of Our Math Tutoring Experts

Math Tutor Savannah

Savannah - Math Tutor in Wellington

My name is Savannah. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and I have been working as a tutor for approximately 4 years. I specialize in Algebra, Geometry, Algebra2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, and SAT/ACT test prep. My belief is that every student is unique and I make it a point to get to know each of my students on a personal level in order to determine the best way to accommodate their needs and learning styles.
Heather Tutor in Wellington

Heather - Math Tutor in Wellington

"Math gives us hope that every problem has a solution."

This is my favorite response when I am asked why I became a tutor. Coincidentally, it is also something I tell my students when they tell me they will never use math in their everyday lives. And because I know how important it is to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, I have chosen to dedicate myself to helping our students decipher the language of math.

As an undergraduate student, I earned degrees in engineering and biological sciences. But learning is a lifelong pursuit and I decided to enroll into a M.S. Program at Johns Hopkins University, where I am currently studying Food Safety Regulations. When I am not working or studying, I spend as much time as possible with my family and pets. We have six parrots, ranging in size from our smallest, a Canary-winged Parakeet, to our oldest and largest, a female Eclectus. I enjoy game nights, binging television shows, and hitting the rides at Universal Studios as often as possible.
Alan a Math Tutor in Wellington

Alan - Math Tutor in Wellington

Alan is a graduate of Stanford University, where he studied economics and engineering management. His tutoring subjects include all levels of math, including calculus and statistics, computer science, physics, economics, and environmental science. For test prep, he tutors the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, and GRE. He has helped several students achieve perfect 800 scores in the SAT math section and high 700's in the reading/writing sections. He speaks four languages and has lived almost half his life in Europe. 

Math Subjects We Tutor in Wellington, FL

If you or someone you know is struggling in school or receiving low test scores, our math tutors can help! We offer support in most math subjects for students in elementary school, middle school, high school and college. We also offer SAT math support and test preparation. Our math tutoring services can target broad skills related to the math subject, or they can be tailored to focus on a single class or topic. Check out our list of math tutoring subjects:

Elementary School Middle School High School
Counting Pre-Algebra Algebra I
Shapes Algebra Algebra II
Number formation   Geometry
Addition   Trigonometry
Subtraction   Pre-Calculus
Multiplication   Calculus
Division   Statistics
Percents   AP Calculus AB
Fractions   AP Calculus BC
Decimals   AP Statistics

Improve your school grades and test scores with a math tutor in Wellington, FL.

Personalized Math Tutoring Programs for Your Lifestyle

For students struggling to achieve their goals, the skilled math tutors at Score At The Top in Wellington are here to help students gain the confidence they need to succeed. Rather than one-size-fits-all tutoring, we accommodate each student’s unique learning style, schedule, and lifestyle. We offer the following learning options:

  • Learning Center Tutoring
  • In-Home Tutoring
  • Online Tutoring
  • Serving many large public schools and a host of private schools in the area, our learning center is a key addition to the community’s educational landscape.

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  • Need someone to come to your home for math tutoring in Wellington? Our tutors are more than happy to make home visits for anyone living in the following areas: Belle Glade, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Lantana, Loxahatchee, Royal Palm Beach, and Wellington.

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  • Using Zoom/Skype/etc., we offer live online math tutoring.

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See What Other Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Our Math Tutoring Services in Wellington, FL

Score at the Top has an incredible team of tutors and staff. They are first class and are a professional organization and understand how students learn best. Our experience working with them for this past year has been wonderful and our son has received straight A's because of their teaching and guidance. I would highly recommend Score at the Top for any of your educational needs.
Darcy Ploof - Wellington
Score At The Top has done a fantastic job providing math and SAT tutoring for our family. The instructors were smart, knowledgeable, patient, friendly and great teachers. The sessions were enjoyable and grades and scores went up as a result. Offi in the Wellington office is very helpful and does whatever he can to assist his students and make sure they are providing the best services. Our family highly recommends Score At The Top in Wellington.
Harrison Paul - Wellington
Our daughter took AP Calc as a Jr and wanted to supplement her studies for the class and AP test. On test day she said she definitely used some of the techniques she learned from Michael and did very well. She also did private tutoring on two sections for the ACT with Sam and increased them 7 and 2 points from one test to the next. I went in without an appointment last fall to inquire about their services after meeting the owner of the company at a college fair. Offi Perez spent an hour with me and has answered questions about college application process since then at length, even on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. The team there really cares about these kids individually and wants to see them reach their highest potential. Grateful for their professionalism and expertise.
Matthew Hannan - Wellington
I took Algebra 1 honors over the summer. My experience was amazing. Whenever I'll arrive I would always be greeted by a smile. All of the teachers were very passionate about teaching and were knowledgeable. They all supported me while taking the course and were very flexible with my schedule. They do advise about college which is great!
Michael Amador - Wellington
We have been so happy with Score At the Top and their amazing staff. Offi, the director of the school answered all of my questions and follows up to see how everything is working out. He is attentive, knowledgeable, and always available when you need to speak with him. They have gone above and beyond to accommodate my daughter with both her ACT prep classes and also her course for credit in AB Calculus. Her Calculus teacher, Sam, is a great teacher who emails me to keep me informed on how Sydney is progressing in his class. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for tutoring, prepping for their ACT or Sat, or even looking to take a class for credit. Grateful I found Score At the Top!
Debbie Pincus - Wellington

Frequently Asked Questions

What math subjects do you cover?

If it’s being taught in school, you can bet we can help! We have a dedicated team of math tutors who can help you in virtually every math discipline - from the basics of elementary math to the difficulties of AP Calculus BC, we have you covered. Beyond Calculus BC? We can probably help there too!

What school grades are your tutors equipped to handle?

We tutor students in virtually every grade level, from as early as pre-kindergarten to college level math, we have worked with student across the entire spectrum (including parents who wish to brush up on their math skills).

Are Score At The Top math tutors trained to help students with ADHD?

Yes! Because we predominantly work in a 1-on-1 environment, it is far easier to use interventional techniques to help a student focus.

Will tutoring with Score At The Top help test anxiety?

Yes! The best cure for anxiety is preparation and confidence. Our math tutors are motivational, inspiring, and empowering.

Who are the math tutors that work with Score At The Top?

We have a few bios above, to learn more about our math tutors please give us a call.

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