Study Skills Solutions in Florida

Organization/Executive Functioning skills are part of a foundation for learning. They're essential in helping students engage in their studies, and they build self-confidence.

For students who have historically struggled in school, study skills help them get organized, study smarter, and take control of their own learning so they can achieve success in school and beyond. At Score at the Top, we know that how a student studies determines how much that student will retain. That’s why we weave study skills into the fabric of our academic coaching. As tutoring sessions build study skills, our students discover how much easier it can be to:

  • overwhelmed student needs help with study skillsManage time
  • Organize backpacks & notebooks
  • Improve memory
  • Complete homework
  • Read textbooks
  • Take notes
  • Study for & take tests
  • Communicate with teachers & parents
  • Complete long-range assignments
  • Set goals

With improved study skills, your child will be able to recall historical events and dates in a meaningful way, find the main idea in a passage, attack complex math problems with ease, assess essential information to prepare for tests, and manage deadlines by avoiding procrastination and cramming. Students enhance their sense of well-being when they utilize their own strengths to memorize and learn. Personal organizing is a style! We’ll do the tailoring that turns information into knowledge, and knowledge into skill. Good grades will follow!

Organizational Skills

Does your child wonder… "Why am I not doing as well as I should in school? I study for all my tests (the night before), I write all my papers (the day before), my homework is always done (if I can find it in my backpack), I remember all my assignments (in my head). What should I study first: math or English? Should I study after dinner or wake up early to study before school? Why don’t I have enough time to do everything I’d like to do?"

The great news is they are not alone. Score At The Top offers a special program called TOPS (Total Organization & Planning for Students) that resolves all of this! A TOPS mentor will evaluate your child’s situation and make recommendations to help your child create an environment that is conducive to effective learning, including:

  • Organized desk due to good executive functioning skillsWhere to study
  • When to study
  • How much time to study
  • How to prioritize & plan
  • How to get started and stay on track
  • What study atmosphere works best (location, space, lighting, background noise, music, etc)

Your child’s customized plan is based on school curriculum, daily activities, goals, strengths and weaknesses, study materials, student supplies – and even notebook choices and backpack organization. Our techniques integrate life, study, and organizational skills to ensure that our students ultimately become confident and capable with managing their time, school work, and outside activities.

An Executive Functioning Coach meets with your child once each week and checks in twice each week to ensure that the plan is being followed and is working; the mentor will be there for extra support when there’s a new project or unexpected test.

We recognize that parents know how their teens and pre-teens should be spending their time – but that kids don’t always follow their parents’ advice. That’s when it’s time to call Score At The Top to let us use our expertise in time management and organization to create a personalized Total Organization & Planning for Students routine for your child.