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SAT & PSAT Group Workshops

An effective and affordable way to get your student on track for success in the SAT or PSAT

group-workshops.jpgSAT & PSAT Workshop Schedule

Group workshops are an effective and affordable way to get your student on track for success in the SAT or PSAT. Highlights include:

  • 24 hours of test-prep instruction in 8 weeks or less
  • Classes meet once or twice/week
  • Workshops include 2 simulated testing sessions, timed & proctored to simulate the actual testing environment

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Small SAT & PSAT Workshop Classes

  • 10 -12 students maximum
  • Individualized attention
  • Make-ups available


  • One SAT or PSAT workshop: $895
  • Two workshops: $1,395
  • Three workshops: $1,995
  • Refer a friend and save $150!

Because we firmly believe in close collaboration with parents, our tutors email them a session summary report after every workshop session.

Full Workshop Schedule Register Online

Custom Group SAT or PSAT Workshops

Create your own workshop!

This is a perfect option for a student who is an athlete, actor, or involved in extracurricular activities that don’t fit with our workshop schedules – especially for students with friends in the same situation. Score At The Top will work with all of them to create a custom workshop to fit their needs. Just contact us and we’ll arrange a class for a group of friends who want to take a workshop together at times that work best for them!
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