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Take the next step in ACT exam preparation with Score At The Top. Whether you’re seeking private ACT tutoring, small group workshops, or free test simulations in Boca Raton, FL, we can help! Let our trained ACT instructors help your child score at the top.

We Tutor Students from the Following Schools in Boca Raton, FL

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Boca RatonCommunity High

Donna KleinJewish Academy

FAUHigh School

North BrowardPrep School

Olympic Heights Community High

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Saint Andrews School

Spanish RiverCommunity High

West Boca RatonHigh School

Your Trusted ACT Tutoring Company in Boca Raton.

For over 30 years, Score At The Top has been helping students in Boca Raton, FL improve their testing performance. We’ve helped hundreds of students improve their scores with our individualized ACT test prep plans.

Our curriculum was designed by our founder Judi Robinovitz, who spent 23 years working for Educational Testing Service. Her experience with the world’s largest private educational testing organization helped create a curriculum that each tutor at Score At The Top follows to prepare students for important standardized tests, such as the ACT.

How Score At The Top Helps Prepare Your Student for the ACT

The ACT is a critical test for college entrance exams. A competitive score on this standardized test can help improve admissions and scholarship applications. If your student has test anxiety or needs assistance with a particular academic discipline, then you should consider reaching out for ACT test prep in Boca Raton, FL. Here are some key reasons to choose a Score At The Top ACT tutor:

customized learning

Personalized Tutoring

Work with a private ACT tutor or join a group workshop to accommodate your student’s learning needs.

Convenient Scheduling

Book a time for your student to study for the ACT when it’s convenient for your family's schedule.
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Receive progress reports after each tutoring session so you know your student is staying on track.
Help your student prepare for the ACT today! Find a talented tutor in Boca Raton.

Meet A Few of Our ACT Test Prep Experts

Tia an ACT Tutor in Boca Raton

Tia - ACT Tutor in Boca Raton

Tia is a staple at Score at the Top in Boca. She is our most sought after test prep tutor.

She received her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Cornell and received her MBA from Duke University - both were completed a "few years ago". Tia has been working for Scora Boca for 10 years now. She specializes in test prep, covering SSAT, SAT, ACT, PSAT, and a few high school entrance exams as well. Her knowledge of the material and her meticulous planning make her an invaluable asset to Score at the Top.

Carlos an ACT Tutor in Boca Raton

Carlos - ACT Tutor in Boca Raton

Carlos is a foreign MD. He's lived in South Florida for over 20 years.

He attended medical school in Bogota Colombia at Universidad el Bosque and did his last year of medicine at University of Miami (Jackson Memorial Hospital). Carlos loves teaching and tutoring. He has tutored since high school, he has extensive teaching and tutoring experience in several subjects including Spanish, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, Anatomy, ACT (Math and Science).

Carlos is currently studying for the US Medical Boards, so he can pursue a residency program in Neurosurgery.

Chris an ACT Tutor in Boca Raton

Chris - ACT Tutor in Boca Raton

Chris graduated from FAU honors college with his degree in biology. He is taking this year off, and then begins nursing school in the fall - and from there will pursue his masters degree to become a nurse anesthetist.

He has been a tutor for Sore at the Top for almost 5 years now, specializing in upper level maths and sciences. He is also one of our best test prep tutors (ACT/SAT) for the past 4 years.

Strategies and Skills Our Tutors Teach for ACT Prep

Preparing for the ACT can seem like a challenging task for many students. Unlike tutoring for a particular subject, ACT tutoring needs to cover a broad range of subjects in a standardized testing environment. Our curriculum helps students feel comfortable and confident when taking the ACT using the following strategies:

  • Science Reasoning
  • Math Shortcuts
  • Active Reading
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Math formula review
  • Test Anxiety Management

See how ACT tutoring services can help your student improve their confidence and test scores.

ACT Tutoring Tailored to Your Student

While the ACT may be a standardized test, tutoring should be a personalized experience. Our professional tutors take our ACT tutoring services curriculum and work with your student to study in a personalized way. You can connect with a tutor in one of these learning settings:

  • Learning Center Tutoring
  • In-Home Tutoring
  • Online Tutoring
  • Public and private school students can enjoy focused learning opportunities in Boca Raton with our small group workshops.

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  • Schedule a vetted tutor to come to your home for convenient tutoring in the following areas: Boca Del Mar, Boca Pointe, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Hamptons at Boca Raton, Highland Beach, and Kings Point.

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  • Leverage the latest video calling tools, like Skype and Zoom, to schedule online ACT tutoring. We also offer free test simulations for additional online test prep.

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See What Other Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Our ACT Test Prep Services in Boca Raton, FL

Our experience with Score at the top for my daughter has been excellent and very professional. She has been working with Tia to prepare for the ACT test for many months. Tia is extremely competent and alleviates the stress on the parents. Tia ensures that your child will be best prepared for taking the ACT/SAT. … The entire staff at Score genuinely cares about your child and this gives such peace of mind. Thank you to all of you at Score who have made a difference. I would highly recommend Score at the Top for any of the many services they offer.
Karen Cohen - Boca Raton
Highly recommend! My nephew had the pleasure of working with an instructor, Bob, on his ACT for the past few months. We are happy to report that he scored significantly higher due to the exceptional one on one tutoring that Bob provided. Bob concentrated on my nephew's strengths. My nephew learned useful techniques on how to take the ACT exam more efficiently. Many thanks to Bob and Carlos at Score At The Top Learning Center for patiently working my nephew so that he could obtain a higher ACT score and helped him get into the college of his dreams!
Ali D'Agostino - Boca Raton
Michelle is awesome coaching my daughter to the SAT test: she is kind, competent, attentive.
Adriane Kiperman - Boca Raton
I have had a great experience working at Score the top. Sarah has been very helpful with studying for the ACT and choosing which test is best for me to take. She has helped me improve significantly in the english section, going from a 25 to a 35 on the actual test.
Bella Kamholtz - Boca Raton
I took a workshop with Sarah at score at the top and continued with private tutoring after I found out how helpful she was with ACT prep. After taking my first simulation, I have already improved 4 points.
Sophie Hess - Boca Raton

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the ACT scored?

The ACT uses raw scores from each section to create test scores that range from 1 to 36. These scores are then turned into a composite score of up to 36.

What ACT score does it take to get into college?

Colleges have their own admissions guidelines regarding ACT scores and other admissions factors. Review our recommended PDF to learn more about specific universities in Florida.

Do ACT tutoring services improve test scores?

Students who seriously study with Score At The Top see an average score increase of 3+ points. Some students have increased their scores by over 10 points. Score At The Top doesn’t guarantee score gains for standardized tests.

When should a student start ACT test prep?

We recommend students begin preparing for the ACT the summer after tenth grade (if they’ve already taken Algebra II). Continue scheduling tutoring sessions until your student finishes his or her final ACT.

What other test prep courses are offered?

Score At The Top is proud to offer PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, and other test preparation courses for students of all ages. Review our test prep services for more information.

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