Our Tutors

We are degreed professionals with extensive subject knowledge and significant teaching or tutoring experience.

    Who are we?

    We possess a passion for teaching coupled with a thorough understanding of our subjects, expert study skills, and effective communication skills. Tutoring that is specific to a school’s curriculum and a student’s unique learning style requires real insight – and we at Score At The Top have it. Because our learning community relies as much on our outgoing personalities as it does on our academic expertise, you’ll find that our enthusiasm for teaching and learning is contagious. We truly engage a student in the learning process.

    Your child’s personality and learning style will be matched to the right tutor, a match that will help your child excel. We teach students a variety of strategies tailored to each subject, and, ultimately, to each student. No matter whether your student has a successful academic track record, or one filled with gaps and weaknesses, we’ve got the personality and resources to help, and we are proud of how adaptable we are to our students’ needs.

    We undergo specialized training focused on interactive, motivational teaching and effective ways to blend academic content with study skills. We further our professional development in on- and off-site workshops on such topics as reading strategies, student anxiety, test preparedness, and organization skills.

    How can a tutor change my child's learning experience?

    A Score At The Top tutor doesn’t just help your child with homework; the tutor strengthens your child’s knowledge of the subject area. The tutor incorporates effective study skills that work for the student, remediates areas that weren’t mastered in the past, and keeps the student current. Once all of this is accomplished, the tutor can work with your child to accelerate. Staying one step ahead of the teacher and the class will increase your child’s understanding and overall performance in class. Your child and his or her tutor will build a relationship to engender learning, a relationship that your child can rely on for an extra boost throughout his or her academic career.

    We engage our students in the learning process by capturing their attention and teaching them how to attain success. When rapport is built, students feel satisfaction in pleasing their tutor as well as their parents and themselves. They are inspired to learn and care, and they start to succeed in subjects in which they were previously foundering. Students actually look forward to the next tutoring session because they’re succeeding – and their self-esteem and confidence are improving.

    Will my child always need tutoring?

    Our goal is to train your child to be a self-sufficient, confident, successful student who reaches the top of his or her potential. The heart of the tutor-student relationship is a familiar support system to fall back on when coursework gets tough, at exam time, during educational transitions, and in times of acceleration. Score At The Top is a place where your child asks to come when he or she needs a boost in a class, help with an assignment or test preparation, or advice for the next step in schooling.

    In conclusion…

    Score At The Top continues to maintain integrity built upon long-term tutor pride and commitment. Parents consistently commend our work to others because of the exceptional results their children achieve. The result: your child gets the right tutor and you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have given your child the opportunity to score at the top of his or her potential.