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beach reading 2 - jyotirmoy-gupta-605507-unsplashSummer Refresh, Review, and Enrichment Classes

Tough year, indeed! In and out of the classroom, virtual learning, etc, has added to the academic losses students have experienced.  Even without the added hurdles that Covid introduced to our lives, in general, the “summer learning slide” shows that students lose about a month's worth (10%) of learning. With Covid 19, students might lose 30% - and even a higher 50% in math!! We can help mitigate the losses for your son or daughter by offering classes to help keep your child engaged – and learning.  We also have a class to introduce top topics in a class your child attend in the fall. 

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Eagle-Eyed Summer Test Prep

Eagle - tof-mayanoff-204876-unsplashFocus your vision on the summer administrations of the ACT and SAT with this eagle-eyed program. Soar high — score high with our special summertime package:

  • ACT Workshop in June to prepare for the July ACT
  • SAT Workshop in July to prepare for the August SAT
  • Six (6) hours of private SAT prep*
  • Four (4) simulated tests over the course of the summer

Over $2,500 in value for just $2,150 — a wise investment with a savings of almost $600!

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SAT Summer Smack Down

boxing - hermes-rivera-265368-unsplashTrain hard and focus your prep in July and August to knock outyour testing before the school year! Take advantage of this deal and maximize your chances:

  • SAT Workshop in July to prepare for the August 28th SAT
  • Six (6) hours of private SAT prep
  • Two (2) simulated tests over the course of the summer

We're not pulling any punches with this offer — over $1,600 in value for just $1,335 — an excellent bet with a savings of over $300!

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College Application & Essay Writing Boot Camps

Suncoast_high_school_logoUse the summer wisely and make sure your student gets his/her applications and essays completed in one of our signature College Admissions Boot Camps. This year we will hold three boot camps:

boca_raton_high_school_logoWe'll be running two Boot Camps in August at Suncoast Community High School and Boca Raton Community High School. Limited space is available, so make sure to book your spot today!

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Score's College Application Boot Camp & Essay Workshop

army - siddharth-singh-532367-unsplashScore's College Application Bootcamp will allow students to start the Common App, Coalition or any other college application necessary.  Students will learn what colleges look for in the application, then will work through data entry, résumés, essays, activities lists, etc.

We are offering two different schedule options for the bootcamp. This bootcamp will be much more intimate that than the school sponsored bootcamps above

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typewriter banner - rawpixel-569600-unsplashThe Essay Workshop will focus exclusively on editing and finalizing application essays. Students can use Common App, Coalition, or any specific college prompts. Student will work on brainstorming topics, outlining first drafts, and editing their essays until the essay(s) shines!

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GPA Checkup

GPA Checkup-1 (1)

Students meet with their school guidance counselor every year to pick next year’s classes − but, is your student picking the right classes? Make sure your student is on track to get into the college of his or her dreams!

When you meet with one of our experienced college counselors, we will: 

  • Recalculate your GPA the way most colleges do
  • Recommend courses you should take next year and beyond
  • Let you know if your GPA and course selections position you for admission to a number of universities of your choice

Planning early matters! Don’t wait until it’s too late – let us explain what you must do today to prepare for education success tomorrow.

Cost: $99 

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Establish Your Testing Calendar

person holding calendar at JanuaryWork with one of our esteemed Learning Center Directors to establish your testing calendar for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. We'll guide you down the right path and help answer the following questions: 

  • Should my student prepare for the PSAT?
  • Which test should my student take, SAT or ACT? Or maybe both?
  • Is there an advantage to having my student take a summer test?
  • How many times should my student take each test?
  • Do schools prefer one test over the other?
  • How can the Score At The Top Decision Plan help position my student for success?

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SAT/ACT Decision Plan

summer test prep

Discover which test is right for YOUR child.

One of the most common questions we get is, "which test is right for me?" Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Surveys have shown that ⅓ of students favor the SAT, ⅓ of students favor the ACT, and ⅓ of students don't favor either test. With odds like that, how do you choose? The easiest way to find out is to have your child take our in-depth assessment and discuss the results with one of our experts.  

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