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SAT/ACT Decision Plansummer test prep

Discover which test is right for YOUR child.

One of the most common questions we get is, "which test is right for me?" Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Surveys have shown that ⅓ of students favor the SAT, ⅓ of students favor the ACT, and ⅓ of students don't favor either test. With odds like that, how do you choose? The easiest way to find out is to have your child take our in-depth assessment and discuss the results with one of our experts.  

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Understanding Your PSAT Scores & Their Role in College Admissions

Join us on 12/13 @ 7 PM for this FREE webinarPSAT Test Release Schedule 2018-1

The PSAT is a critical test that highlights how students should begin preparing for the SAT (and ACT!), and beyond that, for college. Understanding your PSAT score and future SAT/ACT scoring potential are key factors in building your college list. We have some suggestions for maximizing your scores and creating an optimal plan to prepare for future tests. 

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Study Skills Workshop

Study Skills WorkshopProvide your child with the tools needed to become an independent learner with a well-balanced school and social life.

  • Build a study binder and calendar (binder, student planner, and materials are included)
  • Discover the tips and tricks for efficient note taking
  • Learn how to effectively prepare for tests, quizzes, and papers
  • Set academic goals and priorities 



Selective College Admissions: Stand OUT! Get IN!

Join renowned college expert and mentor Judi Robinovitz for this free, compelling information session about the complex process of planning for and applying to college. Make your choices the best choices. You’ll learn:

  • 9 top tips to help get you into the college of your dreams
  • Secrets to standing out from the crowd
  • Why application essays have grown more important
  • The truth behind extracurricular activities
  • Why an activity résumé is needed
  • How SAT/ACT scores impact college admissions and financial aid/scholarships

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The Refresher Tutoring Special

work harder - jordan-whitfield-112404-unsplashGet back into the swing of things with a refresher/reinforcer in the subject of your choice. 

  • Review key topics from last year
  • Rebuild foundational topics 
  • Fortify weaknesses
  • Enhance strengths
  • Plan ahead and introduce concepts from this year

Prepay for ten (10) hours of academic coaching and save 10%! 



Florida's Dozen: What It Takes to Get Admitted to a State University in Florida


Here's what you'll learn: 

  • Admission criteria for all 12 state universities 
  • How these - and other - universities recalculate GPAs 
  • Newest happens on SUS campuses 
  • How under-qualified students may still gain backdoor admission 
  • Florida's state universities' national ranking 
  • What you can do today to maximize chances for admission 


Improve your student's SAT/ACT test scores. For free.

Help your student learn from their mistakes before their college admission and scholarships depend on them.

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