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Recommended Testing Calendar for Juniors after the PSAT

Recommended Testing Calendar for Sophomores after the PSAT

Digital SAT for the Class of 2025 & Beyond

SAT vs. Digital SAT (2023-2024)

GPA Checkup

GPA Checkup-1 (1)

Students meet with their school guidance counselor every year to pick next year’s classes − but, is your student picking the right classes? Make sure your student is on track to get into the college of his or her dreams!

When you meet with one of our experienced college counselors, we will: 

  • Recalculate your GPA the way most colleges do
  • Recommend courses you should take next year and beyond
  • Let you know if your GPA and course selections position you for admission to a number of universities of your choice

Planning early matters! Don’t wait until it’s too late – let us explain what you must do today to prepare for education success tomorrow.

Cost: $99 

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School Based  SAT Workshops

Starting in January at Suncoast, Taravella, and Coral Glades HS!

  • Practice exclusively with real tests!
  • Master time-management & multiple choice test-taking strategies
  • Review frequently-tested math concepts
  • Focus on active reading strategies
  • Reinforce commonly-tested grammar concepts
  • Gain test-taking confidence
  • Classes grouped by ability

Coral Glades High School SAT Prep WorkshopTaravella High School SAT Prep WorkshopSuncoast High School SAT Prep Workshop



$99 Essay Review

Help your child stand out from the crowd.


The college application essay is considered one of the MOST IMPORTANT steps in the college application process. Working with a professional essay advisor, your child will benefit from immediate and insightful commentary about the form and content of their personal statement.

Our $99 special offers:

  • One review of your child’s MS Word-formatted essay
  • Feedback in the form of suggestions using MS Word's Track Changes
  • Expert suggestions based upon your child’s essay advisor’s reaction to the essay
  • A 15-minute conference with your child’s essay advisor to discuss the commentary

Let Us Help Your Child Succeed

Establish Your Testing Calendar

person holding calendar at JanuaryWork with one of our esteemed Learning Center Directors to establish your testing calendar for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. We'll guide you down the right path and help answer the following questions: 

  • Should my student prepare for the PSAT?
  • Which test should my student take, SAT or ACT? Or maybe both?
  • Is there an advantage to having my student take a summer test?
  • How many times should my student take each test?
  • Do schools prefer one test over the other?
  • How can the Score At The Top Decision Plan help position my student for success?

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SAT/ACT Decision Plan

summer test prep

Discover which test is right for YOUR child.

One of the most common questions we get is, "which test is right for me?" Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Surveys have shown that ⅓ of students favor the SAT, ⅓ of students favor the ACT, and ⅓ of students don't favor either test. With odds like that, how do you choose? The easiest way to find out is to have your child take our in-depth assessment and discuss the results with one of our experts.  

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