Support for the Virtual School Year

Support for the Virtual School Year

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Options for 2020-2021

Options for 2020-2021

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Is Test Optional for You?

Is Test Optional for You?

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$99 Essay Review Special

$99 Essay Review Special

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Strategic ACT Prep Courses — So, Your Teen Can Ace the Test

Innovative, creative, and successful ACT prep in small group, custom group, private, and semi-private sessions

Score At The Top provides students with the most innovative, creative, and successful ACT prep course in Southern Florida. Available through small group, custom group, private, and semi-private sessions, our cutting-edge ACT prep classes achieve results that speak for themselves.

Our curriculum was designed by Score At The Top founder, Judi Robinovitz, who spent 23 years working for Educational Testing Service, the world’s largest private educational testing organization. For that alone, there is no one better than Score At The Top for preparing students for the ACT and other standardized tests!

Acing the ACT

The ACT test is arguably the most popular college entrance exam in the country. The results of this test are accepted and valued by all colleges and universities in the US. The ACT test, after all, covers everything students learn in high school. It provides a great insight into each student’s academic strength, especially in five core areas: English, Math, Science, Reading, and Writing. So, if your teen aces the ACT, it reveals that they are more than ready to take their learning to a whole new level.

To make sure your teen does well on the ACT test, Score At The Top will provide them with top notch, well-thought-out ACT preparation courses, implemented through the following:

  • Private 1-on-1 individualized instruction and test-prep
  • Semi-private sessions
  • Small group instruction

ACT Strategies From the Experts

As mentioned, our ACT prep classes in Southern Florida employ a curriculum designed by our founder, Judi Robinovitz. Her impressive credentials include working in the Educational Testing Service for more than two decades and providing consulting to the College Board. In her years with the Board, she wrote the Board’s first test-prep software and strategy chapters of the first test-prep books. The Board, however, scaled back the books because Judi’s strategies were too insightful! With Judi’s expertise on our side, we are able to provide the best ACT preparation a high school student can get in Florida.

Do more than just practice... Learn ACT test-taking strategies from the experts:

  • Build your grammar skills
  • Become an active reader & improve your reading comprehension
  • Review the most commonly tested algebra, geometry and trig concepts
  • Learn math shortcuts to save time & improve accuracy on the ACT
  • Learn how to write a top-scoring ACT essay
  • Master our time-saving approach to ACT science reasoning
  • Practice exclusively with real ACTs
  • Use our proprietary ACT workbook filled with the best test-taking strategies

Driving Our Students Toward ACT Success

As our curriculum was designed by an expert, our ACT preparation courses don’t merely focus on helping the student pass the test — the classes aim to give your teen the mastery they need to confidently ace the test, as well.

Our private ACT tutoring and small group ACT workshops are designed to make test-takers more comfortable with the ACT test-taking experience, to increase their scores and self-confidence, and to teach skills that are as important in school and life as they are on the ACT. Our interactive ACT sessions focus on test familiarity, content, and the test-taking strategies students will need to score at the top of their potential.

A comfortable but lively pace provides a significant opportunity for questions and answers. We begin with an overview of the ACT and then introduce the most effective strategies for each of the ACT’s question types in reading, math, science reasoning, and writing skills. Students use their newfound strategies to solve and then discuss each type of actual ACT question.

Because the ACT emphasizes critical reading and writing, it’s especially important to heighten students’ awareness of the reading and grammar skills needed for this well as in life. A thorough review of the most commonly tested math concepts is integrated into our ACT curriculum, with significant emphasis on effective computational shortcuts, time-saving approaches, and valuable checking strategies.

In addition, students do homework in preparation for each session, typically consisting of a full-length actual ACT or selected test sections, math and science-reasoning drills, and/or outside reading.

With our confidence-building ACT test prep courses in Southern Florida, Score At The Top students truly become ACT smart! Get in touch with us, today, to further discuss what’s best for your teen’s education.

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