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Application Essays that get You Admitted!

Application essays are the most challenging part of the application process – and our webinar can help students make that task easier, guiding them to write stronger, compelling essays that improve their chances for college admission. And, with fewer distractions this summer, students can actually complete and submit many applications before senior year begins in August!

Join Essay Expert, Kathy Hart, on July 21st at 6:30 PM EDT for this informative webinar.  

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Essays are Important!

While a student’s academic record and test scores are the most important factors that colleges consider (yes, even in the face of test-optional, test scores still play an important role!), a student’s essay serves to differentiate the student from the rest of the applicant pool. College admission officers look for a student’s genuine voice that GPA and test scores cannot reveal. A student’s essays can make or break an application.


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During our webinar, you'll learn: 

  • Why application essays are more important than ever
  • How to brainstorm essay ideas
  • The do’s and don’ts of application essay writing
  • Jump starting your application essays – NOW
  • Whether to write about COVID-19
  • What makes an essay exceptional — examples of essays that really worked
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About our Presenter 

Since 2013, Kathy Hart has been an invaluable asset to our educational team at Score At The Top Learning Center and School in Palm Beach Gardens, first serving as an expert teacher and tutor specializing in high school English and test preparation for the ACT and SAT. In her vital role as educational consultant, Kathy guides students through the various aspects of the college planning and application process, from consulting on high school course selection and extracurricular activities to preparing students for effective college visits and interviews. That inspirational guidance takes her students through the more subjective elements of the application process, too: developing creative essay ideas, drafting essays, and improving student writing. The end product of the collaboration: applications and essays that make her students stand out! She also regularly attends conferences and visits colleges to stay abreast of the most recent admissions trends.

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