3 Reasons that Learning Center-Based Tutoring is Superior to In-Home Tutoring

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: October 26, 2015


Deciding to find a tutor is intimidating. Recognizing that your child has reached a point where outside academic help is necessary can sometimes evoke mixed feelings. Certainly a recent test that produced a failing grade makes the need obvious. So, too, does your child’s expressed anxiety about the English assignment that looks like ancient Greek. When you try on your own to provide parental help but improvement simply doesn’t follow, your thoughts may turn to tutoring.

Tutoring options are not always obvious. Should you go to a learning center, or should you inquire into private tutoring at your home? While there are arguments in favor of both, when it comes down to it, learning centers have the clear advantage for three reasons:

Learning Centers have myriad tools at their disposal.Science Tutors - Score At The Top

A student may not understand how a leaf breathes. At Score, we can pull out our microscope to look at the stomata on the underside of the leaf. We can surf our bookshelves for additional references and textbooks, turning to vital supplementary materials not readily available at home.

No distractions!

Learning Centers - Score At The TopWhile not especially popular concepts for some children, structure and organization are academic essentials. At Score, students are away from home-bound diversions…and from the cell phone attached to their palms! Learning Centers support a proper mindset. At home, students are naturally attracted to items and ideas directly unrelated to their school work: fridge, favorite chair, music, microwave, sleep, TV, Instagram, etc. When students arrive at the learning center, they arrive to learn ― an hour or two of intense one-on-one mentoring in a distraction-free environment where all questions are answered!

Learning Centers can cover all bases.

Does your child need help in Spanish, US History, or Algebra II? AP Human Geography, Pre-calc, or Chemistry? We have the expertise in areas that a private tutor may not possess – and in one location. No need to search long and far.

Worried about the ability to monitor tutoring not done at home? Score At The Top’s tutors send a summary email after each tutoring session to keep parents in the loop!

Parents tell us time and again that we help relieve their child’s school stress – and stress at home – by providing precisely the guidance that’s needed. Can we help you?

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