6 SAT Study Apps to Help you Succeed

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: October 16, 2014

Taking the SATs is an important step for getting into college. Studying is key, and practice tests help you prepare and calm your nerves. However, if sitting at a desk with a thick textbook is not your style, consider some alternate routes.

Technology is making studying interesting, diverse and easily accessible. You do not have to buy an expensive study guide but rather you can download free apps to your smartphone or tablet so you can study anywhere, anytime. Get the most out of your study time and use these tools to secure a higher score and a brighter future.

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The Official SAT Question of the Day

This app takes a question from the three test sections (mathematics, critical reading and writing) each day and asks you to find the answer. This is a practical app that gives you a realistic idea of the types of questions on the exam as well as the way they will be presented to you. It also won't feel like an overwhelming study session because it is just a little each day.


This app is a must have. Only available for iOS, it prepares students for every section of the SAT exam. There are 400 questions to study from as well as detailed instructions to explain answers if you need help. The app records your personal information to record the time you spend on each question, the areas you need the most practice in, your score and how you compare to other students. The personalized “work outs” help you focus on your trouble areas so you don't waste any time.

Adapster: SAT Math

This app is for the students that need to study their math above other subjects. This smart app records your statistics after answering math questions, which helps you see what questions you frequently miss and struggle with. Then, it redesigns its study sessions so you get more time on the concepts you need more help with.

AA+ English Vocabulary Study Cards

This app was designed by certified teachers and exam tutors. It contains 1,000 vocabulary words along with parts of speech, definition, antonyms and synonyms. This app is easy to use and search through. It is lighter and more convenient than studying a dictionary, and it will give you a well-rounded knowledge of the vocabulary you will need on the SAT.

Princeton Review’s SAT Vocab Challenge

Another vocabulary specific app, this will help you master your use of language. Complete with games to test your knowledge of word usage, this app was designed using common words found on the SAT exam. Also only available for iOS, this app is perfect for students who need to focus on the critical reading and writing portions.


This is a great app for students that are unsure of their current standings. After downloading the app, you will take an 18 question exam that evaluates how much knowledge you already have and what areas you need to develop. You only need to take it once, and the app will provide you with problem-solving strategies for the sections that need more work.

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