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Academic Success is Virtually Assured with One of These Top New Laptops

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2013 8:53:00 AM

Laptops are almost as essential to the academic success of today's high school and college students as textbooks and teachers. Laptops give students an edge in the competitive world of higher education.They help with research, writing professional-looking papers, multi-media presentations, and interacting with teachers and other students through academic forums and chat rooms. You want your kids to do well in school--to be their best in today's world. For this, they are going to need a laptop, plain and simple.

It can't be just any laptop, though. Older, out of date models are going to hinder rather than help your scholar. Your kids need modern models that do all the things they might need. A good laptop will have:

  • Excellent sound and graphic capabilities
  • Satellite Internet equipment installed so it's never without Internet access
  • A long battery life so it won't need to be recharged during class
  • A small and lightweight frame that's easy to carry around campus without being cumbersome.

Fortunately, there are some truly superior models on the market this year. These are the ones you should be looking to buy for your kids.

1. The Dell Latitude 3330

According to Computer Shopper, the Latitude 3330 is a very durable laptop, which is perfect for the abuse these things sometimes get at school. It's also very ergonomically sound, with a curved keyboard to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from developing while typing up term papers. It's very inexpensive for a laptop, running anywhere between $480 and $560, depending on whether you get it from the manufacturer or elsewhere. While this laptop isn't flashy, it gets the job done.

2. Toshiba Satellite U845T

This laptop is suitable for just about any student in high school or college. Even middle school students will get a lot of use from it. It's got a very basic design, but it's clear that it was made for students. According to PC Mag, the Toshiba Satellite U845T comes packed with decent performance, and an extremely reasonable price at right around $799 in most locations.

3. Acer Aspire M5-583P

The Acer Aspire is an exclusive from Best Buy. It has a touchscreen and finger-controlled mousepad, which today's students prefer to use. Best of all is its long battery life. When fully charged, this laptop can operate for up to nine hours before needing to be recharged, according to ZDNet. That's plenty of battery life for a full day of classes. Students will appreciate not having to carry bulky adapters for recharging during class, as well. This model sells for $699 in most online and brick-and-mortar stores.

4. Macbook Air

The Macbook is of course one of the best-known laptop names on the market, but the Air is truly unique. Its battery life beats the Acer with a whopping 12 hours. With its famously thin and lightweight encasing, it is certainly one of the easiest laptops to carry from class to class. As Apple reports, the Air is getting a lot of upgrades for the fall. Some of these include Finder Tabs, additional social features, and support for multi-displays. All of these are things students crave and are extremely useful in multi-media presentations in the classroom. It's typically priced between $950 and $1,200, depending on how big of a screen you get.

5. Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is a tablet that looks like a laptop. It has an attachable keyboard with a stylus for easy note taking while in class. It will even support drawings if a student needs to create a diagram or chart. The Surface Pro has the extreme portability of a tablet while retaining all of the features of a Windows-based laptop, according to This one is a winner in the classroom in every way. Pricing is based on the amount of memory you choose, with costs ranging from around $850 to $1,000.

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