Are You Investing in SAT or ACT Tutoring? Get Real Results!

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: June 29, 2015

Financial Help - Score At The Top 

Parents often ask us what kind of “return” their students will get for the hours and dollars spent in our test-prep workshops and private tutoring. While every child’s test prep experience is unique, we know that our test-prep work leads students to score at the top of their potential. We’d like to share a concrete example.

This past school year, we worked with a family whose daughter set a goal: achieve test scores that would qualify her for Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship. Her first attempt at the test garnered a 22, but she needed a 26 to qualify for the scholarship. What did the family do? Enroll their daughter in an ACT workshop, supplemented by one-on-one tutoring to address specific areas in which the student had some difficulty. With two short months to prepare in order to meet the scholarship deadline, our young lady jumped FIVE points to a 27! The results speak for themselves: an investment of just over $1,000 has netted the family over $9,200 spread across the next four undergraduate years.

That’s well beyond a 700% Return on Investment!

Our state’s Bright Futures scholarship program is one of many that considers student test scores when granting aid. In fact, colleges and universities themselves use test scores, among other criteria, to determine the need-based aid that they will offer to accepted students. Higher scores can lead to larger financial aid packages that combine grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study opportunities to pay for college.

There are many reasons to work hard in high school, not least of which is the gratification that comes with expanding one’s intellectual horizons in preparation for the stimulating experience of four years in college. And that same hard work can go a long way toward financial gratification, too.

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