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By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: January 30, 2015

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You’ve got studying on the brain, but your teen would rather be hanging out with his friends or playing sports. Since our teens always have their phones in their hands, meet them half way by downloading some of these study apps. Who knows, they may even start to enjoy learning.

SAT Practice

SAT prep is no joke. In fact, most college-bound high school students take the test more than once, according to College Confidential. A wide variety of apps to choose from include: The official SAT app, SAT Up and IntelliVocab. Each have study tools, analytics, practice tests and advice to improve performance.

Vocab Practice

If you want your teen to study vocab but want to stay away from the SAT-specific apps, try Roots to Words. The app teaches the meanings of hundreds of root words, including commonly used prefix and suffix combinations. Learning root words helps people to better understand the meaning of tens of thousands of lengthier words containing those root words.

Free Rice is charitable website and it now has an app. Vocab skills can be used to help solve world hunger. For every word that's right, 10 grains of rice is donated to the World Food Programme. Study and do good at the same time—a winning combination!

Math Help

Heavy math textbooks are hard to navigate. Where was the example problem again? Math Ref includes 1,400 formulas, along with example problems and, the best feature, it’s all searchable.

Photomath is available on Apple devices and soon-to-be available on Androids. This app solves all math problems. The app uses the phone’s camera to scan the equation and solves it in real-time, showing you the steps to get your answer. The solution for when your teen must show his or her work on homework, but isn't sure how to get there on his or her own. This is the perfect gateway to learning to solve the problems.

General Studying

Droid Scan Pro is perfect for note taking. It turns a mobile phone or tablet into a scanner. Take a picture of a textbook page or white-board scrawl and the app will convert the file into a PDF. Only available on Android devices, your best bet is the large-screen Galaxy Note, or an Android tablet.

Notes+ is a handy app that has great studying features. One of the most impressive is converting handwriting to text. Scribble notes on the digital notepad, highlight and press convert to text. And then the app will store the text files for later reference. Perfect for the green-conscious student.

Though there are many flashcard apps on the market, Flashcards provides blank cards so you can make cards with any material for any subject. History dates? Chemistry equations? Spanish exam? Create cards to quiz your teen, all digitally.

If the goal is to sharpen those brain muscles, rather than prepare for a specific test, check out Lumosity. The website-turned-mobile app applies cutting-edge neuroscience to fun games. A subscription includes 40+ games, online personal coaching and tests to see how much the amazing brain has progressed. Various levels of subscriptions are available past the initial trial period.

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