Latest News Regarding the Redesigned SAT

Posted on Mar 24, 2015 11:51:00 AM

Here’s what we’ve recently learned:

  1. We can expect to get a practice PSAT in the redesigned format on the 19th of this month
  2. College Board previously promised 4 sample redesigned SAT tests for May of this year: we’ll only see one at that time.
  3. For June of this year, College Board has promised 4 new SAT tests with which to practice – but no one will have an accurate scoring scale to actually score these redesigned tests – let alone compare testing results with the old SAT!
  4. Those four new tests from College Board will be published in a new SAT Study Guide – but without any score conversion tables to indicate how “well” a student has performed. In other words, a student (along with test-prep tutors and colleges at this time, by the way) won’t know how testing results match up to as-yet-to-be-determined metrics!
  5. Kahn Academy, in conjunction with College Board, will release one practice test at a time ― spaced out over the summer.
  6. Without scaled scores until mid-summer at the earliest, it will be difficult for anyone to calibrate and understand practice test results.

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