New Intel on the SAT and ACT:


Additional Test dates, Flexible Summer Test Schedule,

and Test-from-Home This Fall

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2020 2:55:04 PM

extraThe College Board just postponed the June SAT, and also announced that it will offer one test every month from August to December, and that it will increase testing capacity for those tests dates. Priority registration will be offered to juniors who don’t yet have an SAT score and for those who previously registered for the June administration. It will also offer school-day testing in the fall and likely explore a test-at-home option similar to the upcoming AP exams.


ACTACT has its own plan. According to a statement just released, ACT plans to hold the June and July tests in person wherever possible and unveil an at-home testing option in late fall. In order to allow as many students as possible to test while still respecting health and safety guidelines, ACT will employ “Flexible Scheduling,” which “will provide students with reschedule options—without change fees—for June 13 to June 20 and for July 18 to July 25.” We don’t know, yet, what those options will be, or what ACT would achieve by delaying a test date for one week if the country is still under quarantine. Perhaps decisions by the testing company will be made on a regional basis, allowing some states to test on the regular testing date while other states delay for a week. Expect clarification of their Flexible Scheduling policy closer to the June test date. 

computerACT will pilot at-home testing starting in late fall or early winter. ACT was preparing for unheralded changes in testing – including a computer-based test administration – before the pandemic, except that its changes still relied upon specific testing sites. Those changes are still scheduled to take effect in September, but students will also have access to an at-home official ACT testing experience later in the fall semester.

While changes due to the pandemic will surely continue, it’s also certain that changes to admissions testing await us. We’ll keep ahead of the curve and let you know of late-breaking news.

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