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The Ancillary Benefits of Professional Test Prep

Posted on Oct 19, 2017 5:34:48 PM

In the very midst of focused preparation for college entrance testing (ACT and SAT), it’s rather easy for student (and anxious parent) to lose sight of a bigger picture.
We have in mind the benefits that accrue from guided, methodical practice for the big tests. What are these benefits? They’re wrapped up in our three-word title. First, effective test prep produces an effective, active reader. That’s a student who’s engaged in such a way as to maximize retention.
One natural outcome of active reading is stimulation of thought – of thoughtfulness and connection making, two essential components of learning. In the stressful environment of testing, there’s hardly anything more important than the ability to weigh, measure, and consider cause and effect of ideas. Think.


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Mathematics, a principal testing component, bridges the world of concrete images of words and the realm of abstract thinking. By becoming more alert to the types of mistakes a student makes on the SAT or ACT, he or she also acquires an ability to catch errors in the making in schoolwork.
The energy of focused thinking prepares one not only for testing, but also for virtually every class at school. Whether in discussions, assignments or class exams, a student’s finer-tuned capabilities acquired in test-prep spill over into overall learning. Writing gains a fluidity and concision, because quick outlining and quick thinking grow more effective. What's more, think of the possibilities for an educated, literate future as a skilled undergraduate, and even beyond... These are skills for life. 
Read, think, write. You’re getting much more than meets the eye when you get truly professional test prep — it defines a world of difference!

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