SAT Score Are In: Break Glass, Pull Handle!

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2015 10:54:00 AM


Where to Go - Score At The Top

Three Follow-Up Actions

OK. You’ve got the scores. Now what? Here are three important ways to use the information to make yourself college ready:

  1. Determine your future testing strategy. Are you satisfied with the results because you know that your scores put you at least in the 50th percentile of students accepted in the current freshman class? If not, back plan today from the next feasible testing date – and renew your test preparation (see #2).
  2. Read the tea leaves. What do your scores tell you about future prep? Should you be concentrating on reading skills, geometry, subject-verb agreement? You have received feedback! Use it wisely to plan your study routine.
  3. Use your results to further define your college application list. As the second most important data that you need when you prepare your application to the vast majority of schools, the SAT (or ACT) test scores play a significant admissions role, often separating the wheat from the chaff. Be serious, be reasonable, be proactive: chose from among over 3,000 colleges and universities based upon these scores, and upon anticipated results from possible future testing.

Don’t put those scores away in the drawer. Pin them somewhere visible as a reminder that you’ve just begun the application work of a college-bound high school student.
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