Take a practice SAT/ACT test in a realistic environment. $40 Free.

This is a perfect opportunity to put your SAT, ACT, and PSAT lessons to the test – and to learn from your mistakes before it matters.

We offer timed, proctored test simulations for the SAT, PSAT, and ACT on selected weekend mornings, starting at 8:30 AM (simulations run approximately 3 hours). Because the students are taking a full-length SAT or ACT, timed and proctored, under actual testing conditions, these simulations feel like the real thing!

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5 Stars

"The tutoring my daughter received at Score at the Top helped to improve her ACT score. She is now finishing up her 1st year at the University of Florida..."

-Kristin Burke

5 Stars

"Score At The Top has done a fantastic job providing math and SAT tutoring for our family..."

-Harrison Paul

5 Stars

"My son had the best experience... wish we knew about them sooner. Increased his ACT score four points in two months... Carlos and Bob outstanding.Thank you..."

-Andrea Fina