LD & ADD/ADHD Support

A learning disability or attention deficit (ADD/ADHD) impacts how a student processes information, affecting organization, retention, and expression.

Many students with learning or attention challenges have tutors who help them master academic subjects by blending content with compensatory skills, but these tutors may not be knowledgeable about, or professionally trained in, test preparation for standardized tests, like:

  • ACT, SAT/PSAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP & IB Exams
  • FCAT
  • TOEFL, and others

At Score At The Top, we have worked with hundreds of students with a wide variety of learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder, successfully helping them to score at the top of their potential. Our test-taking strategies and approaches to individual questions are especially effective for students with learning or attention challenges. In fact, Judi Robinovitz designed some of our effective test-taking and timing strategies with the LD and ADD/ADHD student in mind because her dyslexic and ADHD son, Jason, was preparing for college admission tests – and he achieved remarkable results! Understanding the impact of the testing accommodations that some students may be given, we work one-on-one with each student to adapt a plan that meets a student's learning style. Starting test preparation early – and sharing your child’s learning evaluation with us – are the keys to success!