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EOC Test Prep

Our expert instructors will solidify your understanding and close those knowledge gaps EOC testing and summer make-ups.

Preparation is EVERYTHING!

Not only do End-Of-Course scores count for 30% of student grades, but you must achieve a scaled score of 3 or higher on the Algebra 1, Biology 1, Geometry and U.S. History, Civics in order to receive course/graduation credit. We can help!

We’re providing you with a comprehensive explanation of the testing content and scoring.

Our expert instructors will solidify your understanding and close those knowledge gaps before the May EOC testing and the summer make-ups. Multiplying polynomials? Identifying the significance of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points? Prokaryotic versus eukaryotic cells? Habeas Corpus?

  • Review for understanding important, commonly-tested math and science concepts
  • Review the most significant events in US History; learn to identify and organize crucial facts
  • Understand our federal government structure and its philosophical basis
  • Learn math tips and study skills that optimize your test-taking results
  • Stay abreast of the latest developments in Florida’s transition from the FCAT to the EOC model
  • Ensure that you’re on track to graduate

Score At The Top has more than twenty-years of experience providing exceptional educational support and resources for students taking standardized tests. In addition, no other test prep company is as committed, experienced and successful in its work with students with ADHD or other learning challenges. During Florida' shift from the FCAT, no one has felt the stress more acutely than students. In May of 2012, more than 58,000 Florida ninth-graders failed the Algebra 1 EOC, placing an extraordinary burden on Florida’s educational infrastructure and jeopardizing the futures of countless bright, young Floridians. Don’t let this happen to YOU! 

Ready to score at the top?

Let's discuss a test prep plan that will help get you there, fast.

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