PSAT Review Workshop Florida

Maximize your future SAT and ACT scores by learning from your mistakes—and the mistakes of others!

No one likes making a mistake, but often, you learn the most from your mistakes. Join one of our PSAT Review Workshops for the opportunity to learn from you mistakes (and the mistakes of others). See how the appropriate use of proven strategies will ultimately help you on the SAT and ACT. Our workshop will last three hours, and will help you:

  • Learn how to avoid the mistakes you made on the PSAT
  • Improve your test-taking strategies
  • Review frequently tested math concepts you have forgotten
  • Learn how to be a more active reader
  • Determine when to take the SAT & ACT
All workshop attendees will also receive a 30-minute educational consulting consultation with one of our Directors to help determine the best plan and strategy for your future SAT/ACT testing!